Let's exchange friend codes?

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User Info: bradvd

4 years ago#1
Because having many friends is fun! Add me up and I'll add you back! Thanks a lot! Oh my 3DS FC is in my signature :)
My 3DS friend code: 0361-6853-7933
Add me! :D

User Info: mattnd2007

4 years ago#2
Your topic title is not a question.
Huey: The world is a hard and lonely place and nobody gets anything for free. And you want to know what else? One day, you and everyone you know is gonna die.

User Info: SanyuQube

4 years ago#3
Added :)
Vita PSN: SanyuQube
3DS FC: 1134-7923-6324

User Info: DarthFrozanous

4 years ago#4
how do you even find your own friend code?
i5-3570k @ 3.4ghz | HiS 7950 BOOST 3GB | OCZ 256GB SSD / 18 GB RAM | 2 TB Barracuda | 750GB Hitachi | P8B75-V | Blackwidow Ultimate
GameFAQS all day everyday

User Info: ChiefCole

4 years ago#5
I'll add you all :)
3DS Friendcode: 4296-3524-7627

User Info: ScareCrow361

4 years ago#6
i'm looking for AC friends so i added everyone in here.
my fc: 0645-5801-1587
3ds name: Jzombie

User Info: rkxole

4 years ago#7
3DS FC: 0173-2178-0525
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