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User Info: Blaze627

4 years ago#21
All five games would be able to fit on a 2 to 4GB cart, assuming there's no compression involved.

And there's already precedence for PS2 to 3DS ports (Tales of the Abyss, Metal Gear Solid 3), so Dragon Quarter probably wouldn't be much of an issue, especially since it wasn't an especially taxing game on PS2 hardware.
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User Info: ShengRyong

4 years ago#22
A Breath of Fire compilation would be awesome! Not too wild about 5, but love the first 4 games!
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User Info: uhohjonah

4 years ago#23
I'd buy it
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User Info: Omicronwastakin

4 years ago#24
Gallusz posted...
AceMos posted...

Don't bump your own topics unless your responding to someone <.>

I think it's a bannable offence or something.

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But naw I dont think so. If it is then hoohoo alot of people need to be modded.
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User Info: Buttery_Toast

4 years ago#25
I'd rather have a port of all the Wild Arms ga-- wait wrong system. :<
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User Info: hotohori420

4 years ago#26
I'd love it for the Vita instead.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#27
RPGNinja123 posted...
And.. you people all forget this is Capcom we are dealing with, it will never happen.

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