Some good cheap 3DS games

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User Info: DishSoap

4 years ago#21
i heard that lego city game is good as long as you dont have access to the wii u version. i intend on getting it soon but im pretty backlogged now...

User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

4 years ago#22
Not sure if this has been brought up, but you have the whole DS library of games to choose from as well, and there are plenty of fantastic titles among those. A lot of them can be had for very cheaply also.
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User Info: Albinosquid

4 years ago#23
^Ive played most of the DS library, and the ones I haven't are stupid expensive and/or hard to find.

I also have tons of eShop games that I didn't list because I was looking for games with physical releases. I'm looking into the several Lego games now.
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

4 years ago#24
Albinosquid posted...
Animal Crossing
Bust A Move Universe
Bit Trip Saga
Code of Princess
Cave Story 3D
Crossword Plus
Devil Survivor Overclocked
Etrain Odyssey IV
Fire Emblem Awakening

Frogger 3D
Gabrielle Ghostly Groove
Harvest Moon A New Beginning
Harvest Moon A Tale of Two Towns
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Paper Mario Sticker Star
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity
Pilot Wings Resort
Rhythm Thief
Shin Magami Tensei IV
Style Savvy Trendsetters
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
Tekken 3D Prime Edition
Thearhythm Final Fantasy
Tales of the Abyss
Virtue's Last Reward

uhhh... i am so jealous of kids and their free time. just 2 of any of those bolded games would have lasted me a year.... MH3 on the wii (+another game) lasted me more than a year. I also remember playing starfox64 to death because I didn't want to ask my parents for a new game.

My recommendation? Do everything you can possibly do on all of those games. That is, collect everything that can be collected, make self imposed challenge, etc.
Come back when you are done.

for tekken and thearhythm, get better at it or something.
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User Info: Albinosquid

4 years ago#25
Lol, i'm 21 and just happen to be on summer break. Ive really done almost everything I can in all of the games except for SMTIV and Monster Hunter.

Annnd ProjectXZone but i'm slowly chipping away at the later chapter because they take hours to complete.
Hnnnnng I can't even
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