So I got SMT IV today...

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User Info: Linktopower

4 years ago#11
I bought mine at gamestop and I got a really nice box not beat up and anything... actually it was new!
I know I'm lucky :P

User Info: Infernus93

4 years ago#12
Mine had the same issue. It was minor, but still disappointing. Mine did not ship with other items, but was sent in a bubble mailer - not a 100% adequate packaging material for this type of item. When I left feedback for Amazon, I noticed I wasn't the only person with the issue. It wasn't so bad that I would ask for a replacement (some people were saying their books were damaged), but I was kind of hoping it wouldn't happen to anyone else.

For the person who asked why some people care...

Aside from generally liking to keep my stuff in very good condition, and liking new items to be, you know, in new condition - the slipcase on this item is like its own little piece of artwork.

Hercik1 posted...

That's just dumb. Aside from potential damage to the product, it makes the delivery harder. If going to different locations, it will have to be sorted once the driver arrives. If it's all going to the same location, it will take longer to pick up than if it had just been left in nice, neat stacks. Plus it will take up more room.
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User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#13
OoSubaruoO posted...
Go slap your postal service.

In the face? Or on the bottom?

I don't know about TC, but I'd definitely do both.
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User Info: Salogy

4 years ago#14
My first copy from Amazon was bent at the top of the art sleeve. The second one they shipped me was in a box and was fine. No idea why they sent the first one in a bubble mailer. Of course it was going to get ruined.

My copy from Gamestop B&M was fine, until I opened it and the back of the sleeve had a nice crease.
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User Info: archedsoul

4 years ago#15
iamtruth posted...
Mandrew257 posted...
And the box was messed up :( I bought it from Amazon, but I guess thats to be expected since it ships with other items.

Same thing happened to me, i complained and amazon sent me a new copy.i also got to keep the other damaged game,so the new copy is still sealed.

You don't get to keep that other copy. You will be charged for the replacement after 30 days of non-return (shorter with Prime).
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User Info: t41tGjr

4 years ago#16
Linktopower posted...
I bought mine at gamestop and I got a really nice box not beat up and anything... actually it was new!
I know I'm lucky :P

Me too. But I have a really nice Gamestop in both of the places I live, so I wasn't expecting any less.
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#17
those slip cases get damaged easy when there is space for it to get crushed
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