What games do you want to be made for the 3DS?

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User Info: TranquilSea

3 years ago#1
My list goes something like this:

- a Metroidvania title, preferably influenced by OoE
- The World Ends With You sequel/prequel
- another Disgaea game (port or otherwise)
- Pokemon Snap 2
- Pokemon TCG
- Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 3
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User Info: ben10pokemon79

3 years ago#2
Metroid Prime 4
A Star Fox game like Adventures or Assault
Marvel VS Capcom 4
Elder Scrolls 6
Fallout 4
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User Info: MuttonBasher

3 years ago#3
Endless Ocean. I think about it every time I watch the intro to MH3:U. It would be amazing in 3D.
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User Info: Marsford

3 years ago#4
Custom Robo 3DS. Darker plot like the GC version, more RPG elements, more free play and better online. I would f****** love it.

And an F-Zero, but I think the Wii U could use that more.
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User Info: super_taco_ftw

3 years ago#5
The 5 unreleased Xeno games.
A man can dream, can't he?
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User Info: GATTJT

3 years ago#6
Final Fantasy V and VI remakes

User Info: toad133

3 years ago#7
Skies of Arcadia remake.
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User Info: GeekyDad

3 years ago#8
Yeah, a well-thought-out sequel to TWEWY would be pretty sweet, but can that company even muster the creativity to achieve that anymore?

Personally, I need a proper, Iga-made Castlevania.
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User Info: bruno1983br

3 years ago#9
Mother 3 remake or re-release.

Another Fire Emblem (keep 'em coming!)

A new Advance Wars

A new 2D Metroid (made by Retro or by Wayforward or both)

A new Ninja Five-O - this time with more than three levels.

Portal or a new game on the Portal series

Localized DQ7

User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 years ago#10
Resident Evil 4 3D
Phantasy Star 0 sequel
A good FPS
A good, original Mega Man
Advance Wars 3D
Final Fantasy 6-9
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