The hand-holding in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is out of control.

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  3. The hand-holding in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is out of control.

User Info: Compass

3 years ago#1
I imagine in the design team's meeting room, a giant whiteboard with the following text in a crossed out circle:

Players Figuring Things Out On Their Own

I'm curious if anyone here will actually defend this degree of hand-holding with no option to turn it off. Each and every thing you have to do is spelled out for you. At this point are you even playing a game, or just following steps in a recipe? It's insulting and enraging, and kills any satisfaction one might normally get playing a game.

The only time you are allowed to use your own brain is in identifying enemies' "tells" in battle. Thank god for that. Absolutely everything else seems born from outright terror a player will become "stuck" for more than three seconds.

How is this acceptable?

User Info: Mariofan15

3 years ago#2
The handholding isnt that bad. Quit trolling.
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User Info: mrjack3112

3 years ago#3
It happens, it seems to me i am still in tutorial even after 5 hours in

User Info: Delirious_Beard

3 years ago#4
Mariofan15 posted...
The handholding isnt that bad. Quit trolling.

Do you ever post anything worthwhile?

And yes, TC, it's pretty excessive.

User Info: IrateGameFAQer

3 years ago#5
Becareful TC, last time somebody posted anything negative about Nintendo tutorials, a massive drone storm hailed.

...looks like I'm too late though, one of the usual suspects has already started the defense mechanism
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User Info: DannyFollonero

3 years ago#6
I feel like the first two games had excessive hand holding as well (Haven't played BIS).
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User Info: ReturnOfSocks

3 years ago#7
Well they are Nintendo games afterall...

User Info: scorchre

3 years ago#8
I brought this point up on this board, on the day it was released in the UK. The hand-holding is the only negative thing I had with the game. It was so, so excessive.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

3 years ago#9
the ironic thing is the game doesn't help you when you actually need it.
like the giant battles
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
3 years ago#10
I agree with Compass. There should be an option called "i played the previous games so don't spend hours telling me how to time my attacks and do spin jumps". Also, i'm not sure what all these myriads of Luiginary Works add to the game aside from annoying the crap out of you every single time you learn a new skill for one of your plentiful Luiginoid forms.

It's a great game and i'm enjoying it a lot, but it's kind of sad that you often spend over 30 minutes without a single fight because you just had to learn yet another Luigioid form thing and the entire area is now about introducing you to all the things you can do with it. I've had enough of those "dreamy" abilities.
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