What game to buy?

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User Info: EricDent1

4 years ago#1
So after pretty much giving up on Mario & Luigi Dream Team (HATE Giant Battles), thinking about a new game.

Played these:

All the LEGO games: pretty fun games.

Pokemon games: don't really like the Mystery Dungeon games, but the rest are good. I even played Pokemon Conquest, though I didn't like the side stories. Don't really want the Rumble game.

Zelda: Loved both Spirit Tracks & Phantom Hourglass, but I currently have Oracle of Ages/Seasons to play.

Professor Layton: beat all of them, they were great. Though they still rely on too many "math" puzzles.

Touch Detectives & Insecticide: these were different, but fun.

Henry Hatsworth: Starts out good, but then gets too hard too quick.

Starfy: Was fun while it lasted.

Dragon Quests: played all but Monsters Joker 2. Some were really dull (the one with all those quest maps instead of actual afterstory), others were great (most recent one).

Glory of Hercules/Golden Sun: Fun games that seemed a bit short.

Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow: starts out good, but quickly fizzles.
Way too many "fetch" quests that take too long.

Puzzle Quests/Galactrix: The first was good, Galactrix sucked, and the most recent was dull (again too many fetch quests).

Mario/Luigi: I liked the Dream Team until the giant battles got annoying.
BTW that one Luiginary attack with the ball made me wonder why nothing like Katamari came out on 3DS yet.
Luigi's Mansion was OK, but amped up the hard factor a bit too much.
I liked the various Super Mario games, they just do get old pretty fast.

Okamiden: was great, they need to do more stuff like this.

So basically something to hold me over until Pokemon X/Y comes out.

I will be seeing a movie, so after that I might check out GameStop & a local used game store.
Feel free to suggest away, and please give an explanation to why you suggested the game.
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!

User Info: EricDent1

4 years ago#2
Well when looking at that used game store I mentioned, saw some other games I played.

All the Yu-Gi-Oh games: something about this series kept me into it.
Though I can't stand the actual card game (way too much reliance on rare cards).

Final Fantasy: played all of them except Crystal Chronicles.
Some where very good (like the one with Cecil) while others where "meh" (job system one).

That Millionheir game: for a basic "find it" game this was pretty fun.

Might & Magic: For a puzzle/battle game this was pretty fun.
Though near the end it did get a little boring.

Castlevania: Played all of them, liked the "Metriodvania" types, HATED the latest one for the 3DS (way too short & very repetitive), plus the ending sucks.

Scribblenaughts: interesting idea, but not really my sort of game.

Kingdom Hearts: I really liked the days one, but both DDD & ReCoded were bad IMO.

So that's it (unless I remember more).

Probably gonna have to wait until next week though.
Since at that used store they sold anime as well, and with a 60% off sale going on it was hard to pass up.

Here are some games I might be thinking about:

Wario: Master of Disguise (was like $18 at that store).
Mario Sticker Star (heard mixed reviews)
Fire Emblem (now I can't stand Final Fantasy Tactics, but Pokemon Conquest was kinda good. Like RTS & Civ type games on the PC).
Of course if you guys/gals have other suggestions (with good reasons) I am open.
Not sure how much I could get for Dream Team (have a 50% bonus coupon), but since I don't play the Wii anymore I am probably getting rid if that as well (don't have any games for Wii).
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!
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