Most mindblowing ending: 999 vs. Bioshock Infinite

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User Info: Soeroah

4 years ago#21
Fight_The_Power posted...
Soeroah posted...
Fight_The_Power posted...
Soeroah posted...
Fight_The_Power posted...
I haven't played Bioshock Infinite but I will say that 999's ending really made no damn sense whatsoever so I'd imagine Bioshock Infinite had a better one

Nope. And mind telling me what didn't make sense about 999? Don't mean to sound defensive, I've just never heard anyone elaborate other than 'it didn't make sense

The Akane paradox, for one. Even reading through the questions on the game's website I still didn't get a proper grasp of how the hell she managed to resurrect herself. I guess that's what VLR is for (which I still haven't played)

My understanding is that the game was essentially the fulfilment of a time loop. She didn't resurrect herself, Junpei sent her the information she needed to survive. She then spent the next nine years setting up the events that would allow Junpei to do that in the first place, in order to prevent a paradox from occurring.

I could be wrong, but that's what I got from it.

You're missing the biggest hole of it all. How the hell did she spend the next nine years setting up the events TO THEN allow Junpei to keep her alive?

That is the question.

Stable time loops generally don't have beginnings or ends. They are just what happened. June never died, she was always saved. If Junpei hadn't done the right things to save her, she'd have disappeared from that timeline- which was represented in the game as June getting feverish every time Junpei took the wrong door.

Young June was reading several futures to help herself progress, and in return was able to help Junpei get a few critical bits of information from his alternate timelines, allowing him to solve the final puzzle and send her the answer.

Trust me, as convoluted as it is to get your head around how it works, it makes more sense than Bioshock's.
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User Info: HiddenDoorway

4 years ago#22
999's ending isn't even that hard to understand. It's like the most straightforward a time loop can get.

User Info: CaptainLuka

4 years ago#23
Bioshock Infinite is a horribly written game all around, so I'm going with 999 by default. Even if Infinite was a sensible, smart story, I'd go with 999.
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User Info: Rick Rack Roo

Rick Rack Roo
4 years ago#24
Vanee Par Sir!

User Info: Kuyama-kun

4 years ago#25
SMASHKING84 posted...
i can't speak for 999 but i consider bioshock infinite too damn confusing.
it's like watching vanilla sky you don't know what the f*** happened at the end.

You must be six.

User Info: Companion_Cube_

4 years ago#26
People who say Nintendo games are for kids need to grow up themselves.
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User Info: BoomtownBill

4 years ago#27
toad133 posted...
Buretsu posted...
Other: Ghost Trick


The fact that an innocent bystander had such a tremendous impact on so many lives is what makes it so magnificent for me.

Ghost tricks plot twist was god awful. Maybe the worst of any novel game ever
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User Info: dmaster342

4 years ago#28
999 gave me the biggest mind-**** that I've ever had playing a game.
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User Info: Solar20xx

4 years ago#29
999 was better for me so.... voting for that.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#30
999 cause that is the only one I played.
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