Radiant Historia or The World Ends with You?

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User Info: cman1001

4 years ago#11
Hmm I might get Radiant Historia because thanks to my friend who had The World Ends with You on his DS the battle system gave me a severe headache as I have premonitioned plus the art style did not interest me nor did its weird story although thanks to HCBailey on YouTube I got a better understanding of Radiance historia which intrigues me far more than the world ends with you.
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User Info: Bleachfreak7

4 years ago#12
Everyone always recommends the lesser known game in these recommendation thread. Both games have completely different styles. Personally, I thought TWEWY was much better. It really just depends what you're into though. TWEWY is really............. urban...........
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User Info: hyperknees91

4 years ago#13
If you prefer action rpgs TWEWY. If you prefer turn based rpgs RH.

You most certainly try both somewhere down the line as they are both fairly unique games (a novelty in the jrpg world especially).

Personally twewy is my favorite game but it's not for everyone.

User Info: Big_Isaac

4 years ago#14
AceMos posted...
supremeblaster posted...
Radiant Historia, and it's not even close.



TWEWY is horrible IMO. I know it's the unpopular opinion, but to me, TWEWY was one of the worst RPGs I've played last gen.
RH on the other hand is the 2nd best RPG of the last generation IMO, second only to Xenoblade
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User Info: esoteric42

4 years ago#15
Radiant Historia

Basically anything Atlus > Square Enix

Unless it's a Dragon Quest remake, then SE gets the prize.

Atlus has alot more design creativity, and generally innovates the genre.
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 years ago#16
I've played both, really enjoyed Radiant Historia and didn't really care for twewy, so I'd say Radiant Historia.
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User Info: KGTrigger

4 years ago#17
They're both excellent games. TWEWY has more character development and the battles are much more fun and involved, although that depends a lot on whether or not you like touch screen controlled games. It also has a great post-game.

Radiant Historia is obviously the more traditional of the two, but the characters are good (has one of my favorite protagonists). Story is pretty interesting with "branching" paths, though really it's just giving you a small description of what happens if you choose the wrong choice. Had they been more fleshed out that led to actual conclusions, I would still be playing it.
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User Info: Solar20xx

4 years ago#18
Radiant Historia was really good. I didn't find TWEWY to my liking.
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User Info: Mega_Rat

4 years ago#19
Get RH.

I advise not overleveling as a lot of the more challenging boss battles lose their intensity. Its very easy to overlevel so do be careful. This is just from my opinion though. I loved the boss fights as they all seemed to bring something new and exciting to the table.

Your team can be however you wish it to as well.

If you don't care aboit challenge then I hope you enjoy it either way. Its an amazing game and the ending, if you get 100%, is very nice and gives a sense of closure.

Also, I think Stocke is one of THE best protaganists in the history of RPG's. :D
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