Did the bank and its fee kill your hype for X/Y?

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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
4 years ago#21
$5 a year is really cheap and having extra storage is nice.

it seems nice to to have to have a second DS just to transfer.
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User Info: SaraAB87

4 years ago#22
This is a completely optional service, heck as of now no release date has been announced for the USA so we don't even know if we are getting this service.

If it was forced or a monthly fee, yes I would be upset. Though I don't see how it could be forced as not everyone connects their 3DS to the internet and this requires internet access.

What is worse is Nintendo is starting on the DLC train, it happened with fire emblem, and it was Day 1 DLC as well which there is no excuse for. So now to get the complete game you have to pay over $100 to get everything. Yes its optional, but I can't help but wonder if all those things they are charging you for outside of the game in previous generations they would have been included in the game.

On the other hand with a feature like cloud storage which is completely optional and not even necessary to complete the game. Also nothing like cloud storage has ever been done in a Pokemon game before and again its completely OPTIONAL, and most gamers probably won't even NEED the feature.. I think it has more to do with filtering out cheated and hacked Pokemon than it does charging a fee. But ultimately that is Nintendo's fault for allowing the hacks to occur, they could set up their online system so that no hacks are allowed through and update it as new methods of hacking come out. If you want to make a game without hackers and cheaters then you will have to implement measures and bans against those who cheat and hack.

MS gets away with charging people $60 a month for Xbox Live gold when you can literately get the same services on the PS3 for no additional charges and the same games too and I have both consoles so I know the differences. Charging $5 for an optional service is nothing. Needless to say if I buy a next gen console I know what company I am going with and I will not be buying any more MS products and my next computer will be a Mac due to the blunders with Windows 8.
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User Info: Luigi4President

4 years ago#23
I probably won't buy because I can't be spending money on Pokémon of all things. Maybe for one year, but that's it. I don't use enough Pokémon anyway for it to be needed. Besides, I only get the mainline games.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#24
No, because I'm not poor and can afford $5/year.
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User Info: MetaGarchomp

4 years ago#25
$5 for year is almost nothing and you will recieve a service, I am only waiting for a good service.

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

4 years ago#26
why do i need 3000 box spaces?

User Info: BrokenChaos666

4 years ago#27
While I wish it was a feature for the SD card, it's not going to impact my decision to buy the game. I'll probably never use it and if I ever did, it's only $5 per year. You gotta be the cheapest of cheapskates to let that be a deal breaker.
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User Info: danielmg

4 years ago#28
I will buy the game but not the bank thing.

User Info: MasterDarken

4 years ago#29
More space for storage and an ability to use previously trained/caught Pokemon in a New Game is something to turn you away from the game? What has the world of gaming become...

User Info: EdwardDigital

4 years ago#30
I don't understand what is wrong with it. Its totally optional. We can go about trading, storing and transferring the way we used to. This is merely presenting a new option. Now granted the older way may be a bit more time consuming but if it saves the money that people are up in arms about why not just stick to it and save money?

This is basically to me the unexplainable outrage of the 2DS. It is an OPTION. Don't want to buy into it? Then don't. No one has a gun to your head forcing you into anything.
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