C/D Nintendo should buy Capcom

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User Info: Shinstrike

3 years ago#31
mtKing52 posted...
fire2box posted...

If Nintendo did, then we'll see no more Devil Will Cry since Nintendo doesn't make/publish M Rated games after Eternal Darkness.

It's Devil MAY Cry, NOT Devil WILL Cry.

i think he was making a joke.
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User Info: mattfrank

3 years ago#32
where should Monster Hunter go??
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User Info: Hector_Sass

3 years ago#33
mattfrank posted...
where should Monster Hunter go??

Nintendo, seriously the light hearted style of the games suit Nintendo. Then finally I can get my Pokemonster hunter game
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User Info: EarthLord_CJ

3 years ago#34
BigDaddyWingnut posted...
spealfan444 posted...
On a serious note, I would rather just have them sell off some of their IPs.
I wouldn't mind Mega Man going to Nintendo, Ace Attorney going to Level-5, etc.

This... is not a bad idea at all, actually. Who should get Street Fighter, I wonder?

Street Fighter should stay with Capcom. They still do good things with the series, even if it's heavily-laden with DLC costume packs and the like.

Don't know if they should sell RE, either. Really, all that series needs is another overhaul to be respectable again (even though RE6, IIRC, still sold really well).
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User Info: CraZywEaR

3 years ago#35
No. Not at all. I'm all for selling IPs to good third parties but none of this exclusive bs. It ruins gaming IMO
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