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User Info: ElpollogabazXII

4 years ago#1
Got a 3DS XL, but the Circle Pad isn't working. Did the calibration 10 times and ... nothing! So... How much does the repair cost? By the way, the warranty ended a month ago...
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User Info: keyblader1985

4 years ago#2
If you're not covered by warranty, expect to pay out the ass. I'd say at least $40.
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User Info: 0-172

4 years ago#3
I'm not certain if the cost varies based on the case, but to repair physical damage it costs $125 ($100 if in warranty). You're best bet would to give support a call.
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User Info: Ergot_Cholera

4 years ago#4
If you're good with your hands then you can do it yourself. You can buy a replacement pad on ebay. All you need is a small philips screw driver and patience.
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