how many total physical DS and 3DS games do you have?

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User Info: robomasteralpha

4 years ago#21
80 DS games
15 3DS games
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#22
3DS games: 6
DS games: 62
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User Info: Yuniuninuniun

4 years ago#23
I only have maybe 20, used to live next to a gamestop a while back and that severely cut into the amount of things I own. Played a ton of games but got to keep none of them.
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User Info: imamelia

4 years ago#24
17 total, 10 DS and 7 3DS.

There are up to 6 more DS games and 3 more 3DS games that I might want, but in practice, that will probably be 2 and 1.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#25
NDS: Right now, 7 physical games. A lot of my DS games are missing.
3DS: 6 physical games right but if including pre-orders, 8 for Pokémon X and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

At the moment, I can only find up to 13 of my (3)DS games in my house. I don't know where all of my physical DS games are located.
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User Info: MarkMilton

4 years ago#26
10 DS games
3 3DS games

the DS number will go up, i'm sure, but the 3DS number might stay there due to me going almost completely digital from here on out.
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User Info: Yelnam-26

4 years ago#27
10(but I selected "under 10" because I forgot to count one game)

7 3ds games and 3 DS games.

I used to have more DS games but I 1(lost new super Mario bros) and sold the rest apart from pokemon pearl because I lost the box for it and decided not to sell it. the other 2 DS games are recent purchases, one more recent then the other.
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User Info: KnockyPhan

4 years ago#28
Currently have 8 in total.

DS: 6
3DS: 2
Dragonwarriordude 4 years ago#29
Way over 80.

User Info: buymec00kies

4 years ago#30
DS: I think 5... after I discovered f**** c***s I only purchased one more physical game and that's Dragon Quest IX because it was so fantastic and I had to have the real thing.
I own:
Animal Crossing Wild World
Cooking Mama
Super Princess Peach
Theme Park
Dragon Quest IX

3DS: 3 now?
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Fire Emblem Awakening
Zelda Ocarina of Time

Soon to change once Rune Factory & Pokemon come out in October!
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