3DS Worth it?

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User Info: solidredskyrim1

3 years ago#1
I was thinking of getting one, But is it really worth it? For the games and stuff?

User Info: sonicnewboy

3 years ago#2
But don't get the normal 3DS. It's designed really poorly (screens get scratched easily just by closing the system, stylus placement, shape).

There are tons of good games for it. I love my 3DS :) And it's backwards compatible with DS games, so yeah, I would say definitely get it.

User Info: shotgunheadshot

3 years ago#3
I own a 3DS XL and I say it's not worth buying. The games are too expensive and for some strange reason Mario games are priced very high which is stupid.

You might as well buy a Xbox360 game used or new with the crappy pricing of a handheld game. That way you get way better graphics and a bigger screen. I can't believe the outrageous prices retail stores like EBgames want for used 3DS and especially DS games. It really turns me off from using my 3DS. I don't care if you think I'm trolling, I can't stand the prices which is important if you want to play your handheld.

User Info: teamaquashock

3 years ago#4
Don't listen to anyone one sided on which 3DS to buy. See if you can try them at a store and see if you're more comfortable with the regular 3DS or the XL.
Personally I'm on the regular 3DS, but I'm not gonna try to convince you to get it, try both that and the XL to see which you like more.

For the games, I'd say yes it's worth getting. If you like RPGs, there's Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon X/Y is coming in less than a month, Kid Icarus Uprising is a great (I guess Action?) game, but it's up to you if you'll like the controls or not.

There's plenty more games coming, and There's also news that the 3DS will get Miiverse soon.

So in short, yes it's worth to buy.

Regular 3DS is $169.99 I believe
XLs go for $200
And a 2DS is coming soon for $130, which is a cheaper version of the 3DS, only without the 3D and no clam shelled. It's just one slab with the usual 3DS interface and very durable. (But it's mostly aimed at younger kids, since they tend to break things with hinges, but a lot of older people are planning to buy it too.
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User Info: MarkMilton

3 years ago#5
i'd sooner buy a 3DS right now than either a Xbox One or PS4.

the policies on both those systems seem pretty shady to me, so i'm not getting either for a least a year from now.
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User Info: Leanaunfurled

3 years ago#6
It's worth it, yeah. So many great games are on it, and you can't go wrong with either a regular or XL.
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User Info: redFOX381

3 years ago#7
sonicnewboy posted...
But don't get the normal 3DS. It's designed really poorly (screens get scratched easily just by closing the system, stylus placement, shape).

There are tons of good games for it. I love my 3DS :) And it's backwards compatible with DS games, so yeah, I would say definitely get it.

Yes, but his opinion differs. I find the designs to be fine. It's better than that pocket-tearing XL or that idiot invention - the 2DS. If you want to look at the design yourself, go on Nin's website.
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User Info: Zom3ie_Paul

3 years ago#8
if you do get an XL, i recommend a screen protector. the bumpers on the system suck, so you need either a screen protector or suplamental bumpers from a hardware store to keep the system from scratching its own screen, if youre a heavy user like me anyways.
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User Info: GeekyDad

3 years ago#9
It's not worth it. Zune in the future, dude. Everyone knows this!
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User Info: Bleachfreak7

3 years ago#10
These people also asked if the 3DS was worth it. You know there's a search bar?

















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