Favorite 3DS game released this year so far?

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User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#11
SMT IV or Fire Emblem so far. Nothing else I've played has been really great.

User Info: Anclation

3 years ago#12
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is my favorite 3DS game of the year so far, though Pokemon X/Y may very well top it.
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User Info: makedounia

3 years ago#13
Etrian Odyssey 4. One of the best games I've ever played

User Info: junkiet23

3 years ago#14
Animal Crossing for me but I think Pokemon will top it :)
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User Info: MissHedgehog

3 years ago#15
Animal crossing! :)
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User Info: EsperValkyrie

3 years ago#16
Maybe I am the dark horse here but I'm really enjoying Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
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User Info: GollyFluff

3 years ago#17
Etrian Odyssey IV. I'm really happy it got me into the series.
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User Info: Synchr0nicity

3 years ago#18
DKCR3D. Haven't played the original, and I found this to be so much fun. Currently playing Fire Emblem, only started it recently. It's pretty good so far, but I'll leave final judgment for later. Pokemon will no doubt take the crown for me. I skipped the 5th generation, started getting bored of the formula, but I'm mega hyped for X/Y.
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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

3 years ago#19
Fire Emblem Awakening but A link between World will top it.
Just because I am LoZ fan.
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User Info: MetaGarchomp

3 years ago#20
Fire Emblem for now, but It is obvious for me that Pokemon X/Y and Zelda BW will reach at top. I have to mention Luigi's Mansion, It surprised me.
Waitng for Pokemon X/Y, Super Smash Bros Wii U and X
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