Best time vampires from the eShop?

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User Info: mechatac

3 years ago#1
Whenever I'm going to the doctors or the DMV or something, I like to bring my DS with me. I now have a 3DS though, which means, if I can download several massive time wasters, that would please me to no end.

Here's what I need:
1) Must be able to save (or have it autosave) anywhere. No checkpoints or savepoints, just let me save and shut it off. Or have the last auto save point have been just before I started doing something so I won't have to repeat much at worst.
2) Must be good for 5 minutes or 50 minutes
3) Must be on the eShop. That way, I can have several on me just by having the 3DS.
4) Shouldn't need to rely on sound. If I'm in a waiting office, I don't want to put the sound on and annoy other people.

Some of my past favorites:
Wario Ware series (seriously, the GBA game is STILL stuck in my DS's GBA slot most of the time)
Advance Wars DS
Meteos (the original one)
Puzzle Quest
Sudoku game for DS
Space Invaders Extreme 2
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User Info: mrjack3112

3 years ago#2
Escape Trick... Convenience store, prison, or ninja castle. It is similar to the VLR puzzle rooms. But it is just a complete puzzle room throughout the whole game. Also saving is at your own convenience...Wait I could be wrong about saving, but the game is a great game overall.
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User Info: Argh4430

3 years ago#3
The Virtual Console games sound like the best choices, as they have suspend saves and restore points, which allows you to stop playing at any time and pick up right where you left off. Most of them also fit criterias 2 & 4, and of course they must be bought on the eShop. I recommend Mario's Picross, any of the Mario or Wario platformers (Super Mario Land 2 and Wario Land 2 especially), Perhaps even the Game & Watch Gallery games if you liked Wario Ware games.

User Info: mechatac

3 years ago#4
Escape Trick looks interesting, but I'm looking for games here that I can play for years on end without getting bored. Wario Ware also had Dr. Mario, which was cool, but I could always go to another character whenever. Space Invaders Extreme 2 has no plot of which to speak, and only 5 levels, so you can beat it in less than half an hour, but it's addictive, so I keep coming back to it. Meteos had addicting gameplay and planet variety. Puzzle Quest took a while to complete, then those sneaky jerks put in four characters to make playing it again fun, so it's not like beating it once was good enough. If it's a puzzle game, then I'd expect it not be exactly infinite, just plentiful.

Hmmmm, well are there any good tower defense style games? It looks like Plants v Zombies isn't download.
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User Info: tompound90

3 years ago#5
Pushmo and Crashmo are great games for bit sized sessions.
What about good ol' Tetris? The gameboy one or the 3DS one. There's also heaps of Picross games on the e-shop.
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User Info: mechatac

3 years ago#6
^believe it or not, I dislike Tetris, but like just about every Tetris clone out there. I have no idea why.

I've never played a Picross, what's a good one to grab?
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User Info: Xxerran

3 years ago#7
I downloaded the Crazy Contstruction Demo a few weeks back, after playing it quite a bit actually I purchased the full version tonight, along with Montster Hunter 3 at 50% off, figured why not. So you can try the demo first, see what you think.
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