What's so great about Rune Factory 4?

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User Info: 2wingedangel

4 years ago#31
hors_doeuvres posted...
2wingedangel posted...
MrLDasVino posted...
2wingedangel posted...
theGirlyGamer posted...
There is fighting, with a decent range of weapons (short sword, long sword, dual swords, spears, staffs, fists, etc) and plenty of unique looking enemies to fight (and farm for different items). You can even tame these monsters and have them live on your farm.

Can you buy/make scythes? Because scythes are f***ing awesome.

Yes there is Scythe weapons they go in the axe family or two handed sword I'm not quite sure but I got one the other day I also got a baseball bat which is fun launching enemies away with it

Is it possible to upgrade them? If so, how much?

You'll love this, TC. There's an item (Light Ore, I think) in the game that lets you forge the stats of one weapon into another. For example, forge the most powerful sword. Then, when forging the Battle Scythe (which is pretty low level), include the said sword + Light ore with the recipe. Ta-da, you get a Scythe with the stats of the sword. Pretty badass.

You practically put this on my Christmas list for me.
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User Info: ThunderPotato

4 years ago#32
2wingedangel posted...
To the people comparing it to Harvest Moon, I have never played any of them.

They're not comparing, it is a HM game. Just with action rpg elements.

User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#33
As someone who's played all three of them, my first impressions - about 30 minutes in - are that the designs are not the best in the series thus far but not bad. The prospect of playing as a Prince is interesting so far.
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

4 years ago#34
Is there any online functionality?
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User Info: jovewolf

4 years ago#35
LaManoNeraII posted...
Is there any online functionality?

Not that I'm aware of but it does let you trade play coins for in game cash.
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User Info: xerpliop

4 years ago#36
Pretty much, put it this way.

25% of the game is farming: http://youtu.be/SmHk4Rs6GEk?t=24s (If you've played Harvest Moon, it's kinda like that, but a lot more lenient and faster-paced.)
25% of the game is talking with the villagers, which actually have depth to them. (There's also a decent plot to the game too)
40% of the game is battling, which is a bit similar to that of Kingdom Hearts: http://youtu.be/MIXif6AvPbA?t=22m4s (You can battle with various upgrade-able weapons, like an axe, short sword, long sword, hammer, etc)
The rest of the game is doing various stuff, like crafting items, forging weapons, mining for ore, fishing, and whatnot.

(I apologize for linking RF3 videos, but the game is very similar to RF4 but it's more difficult to find decent footage of the game.... without talking Let's Players)

In RF4, there's probably about as much content in this game as some of the newer generation Pokemon games, and there are actually a lot of secrets in RF4 that people find throughout gaming boards (see: http://youtu.be/VTMn2kC17JM ), which makes it more engaging than most recent games. Honestly I think your best bet would be to totally legally download a rom ofcheck out Rune Factory 3 first and see if you like it, because to me it's kinda like explaining why something like Clannad or Animal Crossing is good ("uhhh, it's a show about a guy living his daily life through highschool")

Play it for about an hour or two and hopefully it'll immerse you into its world. (Remember that the farming and battling mechanics are completely different parts of the game that somehow work well together into a single game)

EDIT: One last thing I should mention, just in case. If you're considering checking RF1/2, they're entirely different games. None of the games really tie the plot together (they actually do, but very loosely reference) so there's no problem skipping them. They're not bad games, but definitely aged over time.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#37
Dangnabit!!!! I hate you people!!! Putting this game on my to buy list... :/
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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#38
Did you get it angel?

I just got it today and it seems pretty cool. The 3D is completely meh outside of the cutscenes, though.
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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#39
Hmm....I had no interest in Rune Factory 4 whatsoever before I entered this thread. Like TC, I did not know anything about it outside of it being "like Harvest Moon." But after reading the responses here, my interest has grown exponentially after each post.

While I am not going to go out and buy the game now, I will certainly put this game on my "to-buy" list when I do find myself in a dry spell with nothing interesting to play or if I ever see this game at a great sale price that is too irresistible. Thanks people!

User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#40
The worst thing I found in the game is that it pigeonholes players into choosing personality traits that contradict their actual feelings in order to pick their respective gender. A character in the game, while on an airship with the player-character, talks to that character about being on an airship. You are given the option of being excited about being on an airship or being nervous. If you choose the former, the game decides that you're a boy. If you choose the latter, the game decides that you're a girl. I don't generally pick on a game for being sexist all that much, but that's a bit silly. It assumes that girls have to be sheepish, and that boys have to be rough and tumble and able.
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