Are you doing all digital, all retail, or a mix?

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User Info: Pokemonfreak101

4 years ago#1
So I'll be purchasing a 2DS this Saturday (obvious reasons). I've been toying with the idea of going full digital (with exception of a game or 2 not on eShop), since I've been using Steam for a few years now and my only modern console now is DS lite. I know it's not the same as Steam due to lack of account, but it still seems like a cool idea. So in what format are your 3DS games? Why did you choose to do that? Just trying to make a pros/cons list, and I figure people who actually own 3DSs would be a good source. Thanks!
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User Info: spealfan444

4 years ago#2
Sort of a mix. I only buy it digitally if I can't find the game at the store.
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User Info: Luuthian

4 years ago#3
Mixed... Games I really want that I'd like to have with me at all times I'll download from the eShop at full price. Otherwise I tend to grab 3DS games used or as cheap as possible.

For example I'm downloading Pokemon X and have Fire Emblem downloaded, but I bought Mario 3D land and Project X Zone for super cheap.
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 years ago#4
Physical all the way, unless It's digital only (like AA5). The only exception being VLR.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#5
All physical unless digital is the only option.
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User Info: KGTrigger

4 years ago#6
I only buy a digital version of a game if that's the only one I can obtain.
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User Info: RenegadeDreamer

4 years ago#7
Physical if available, digital if not (or if there's a really good sale).
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User Info: ValzacardX

4 years ago#8
For 3DS I plan physical for everything except Eshop only games, or if there is some GREAT sale that I can not pass up. But at the end of the day I'm wary as there is still no real account system yet.
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User Info: arstos

4 years ago#9
i prefer retail, but if a game is digital only i don't let that stop me, and if i see a deal for a digital download that's significantly cheaper i'll go for that.

User Info: tuna-egg

4 years ago#10
A mix, because I usually buy games when they're cheapest (usually retail, as the eshop has very few sales of note). A few games that I intend to play over the long term (like Animal Crossing and Pokemon) are/will be digital copies.
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