There's only one reason Pokemon got a worldwide release.

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User Info: iGenesis

3 years ago#1
It's purely a marketing ploy so Nintendo could claim that it's the "fastest selling Pokemon games in history." This sounds good on a press release.

Game Freak has been using silly gimmicks to boost launch day/week sales, from the figures/toys for HGSS to exclusive launch window distribution event species/items.

In previous generations, they could only claim one region's sales at a time. The worldwide sales graph would show a spike (Japan) followed by a flat line, then 6 months later, another spike (NA launch) and so forth. Now, there will be just one spike for the worldwide launch.

But in the end, it's lifetime sales that matter. RB sold 31M, GS 23M, DP 17M and BW 15M (numbers from Nintendo Investor Relations.) Strong 1st day/week/month sales don't necessarily translate to good long-term sales. You make the content; CBS makes the money.
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

3 years ago#2
This is a topic by iGenesis.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#3

User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

3 years ago#4
I'll make sure to contribute to that "fastest-selling" target. :D
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User Info: Lord_Frood

3 years ago#5
ObtuseAngina posted...
This is a topic by iGenesis.

It is. And it makes sense. What's your point?
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User Info: newboydanny

3 years ago#6
BeanBeanKingdom posted...
I'll make sure to contribute to that "fastest-selling" target. :D

Same here! =D
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User Info: Tino_Tonitini2

3 years ago#7
I normally don't respond to your topics, TC but I will make an exception this time.

Even if I agree with your initial statement (I'm sure the possibility of earning the "fastest-selling" title did cross their collective minds but it's probably not the only reason to do a simultaneous global launch), everyone outside of Japan still wins because they get it within hours of each other (a day tops). Even if the reason is self-serving and shallow, it still doesn't detract from the fact that most Pokémon fans won't have to wait 3-6 months while Japan enjoys the games. It's a great thing.

While I agree that lifetime sales are important and launch sales aren't a fool-proof indicator of future success, they generally do help companies gauge the demand for their product. Usually, if a product sells well at launch, it is usually deemed a success in the long-run. I'm painting with some broad strokes and there have been exceptions (and there will certainly be more in the future), but the general idea still rings true.

I have to say, with all due respect, this might be one of your least effective attempts at being a perpetual Pokémon party-pooper (sorry I couldn't resist using alliteration).

User Info: brStalker

3 years ago#8
Lord_Frood posted...
ObtuseAngina posted...
This is a topic by iGenesis.

It is. And it makes sense. What's your point?

Except that he apparently thinks that 1st party Nintendo games only have good sales figures during their release week.
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User Info: mrjack3112

3 years ago#9
Same day release worldwide=digital copies(instant money)
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User Info: beavisjones

3 years ago#10
So am I still allowed to buy these games? I don't get it...
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