Mario & Luigi: Dream Team or Pokemon X?

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User Info: TheeFuzz

3 years ago#31
Pokemon by far, it may be relatively easy but I believe the real challenge lies with the post game. Building a online team and doing other things. I haven't tackled the online features yet but I've only heard good things. Other than my personal nit picks the game is great and you'll love it if you've played earliest games. Seeing your favorite pokemon in 3D on a handheld is quite the experience for a fan. This game has me hooked, I put down GTAv and Wind waker since picking it up.

Dream Team to me was disappointing. It has tons of great things going for it but the pacing kills it for me. And tutorials that never seem to stop. The game has a lackluster story that I think would be better if the pacing wasn't horrendous. Other than that Dream Team is pretty good. This game never hooked me either it took me more than a month to finally beat it.

Pokemon X/Y for me will fall into a 9/10 range
Dream Team always hovered in the 7-8/10 range depending on my mood.
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User Info: Kaizoku_Ou

3 years ago#32
^Agreed on dream team. Loved it at first, but the constant tutorials and hand holding for really old.

User Info: AlbinoGerbil

3 years ago#33
Have both, enjoy Pokemon so much more.
I have X & Y but am favoring X at the moment.
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User Info: tugz

3 years ago#34
Just an update. My friend surprised me with a copy of X and he got Y so we can be trade buddies. Thanks for all the feedback!
3DS FC: 1607-2207-7869

User Info: Kaizoku_Ou

3 years ago#35
Sweet, hope you have fun.

User Info: Semi45a

3 years ago#36
Pokemon Y
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User Info: helldew

3 years ago#37
Missing a pokemon release window IMO isnt worth missing its when the game is the most fun to play. when you can literally challenge someone on the Train when you can trade chat and have all kinds of fun with it. IMO Dream team can wait
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User Info: jrb363

3 years ago#38
Mega_Rat posted...
Pokemon. Give it a shot.
SalsaSavant posted...
Ignore everything Batdad says.
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