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User Info: kuragari1anonly

4 years ago#61
Sin and Punishment 3
Destroy them all! Shoot the core!
"I am in awe at your ability to break every game you touch xD" - Capt. McWaffleton

User Info: uhohjonah

4 years ago#62
Kirby Air Ride 2
A TRUE sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, none of that stylus controlled s***
Majora's Mask 3D
Monster Hunter 4
Mega Man Legends 3
Custom Robo 3
any Metroid game.. hell, I'd be happy with an Other M 2
Super Mario Sunshine 2
Advance Wars
Drill Dozer 2
There are two types of people in this world: grump, and not so grump.

User Info: GreenCadet3

4 years ago#63
Do you connect?
WrestlinFan alt while my WrestlinFan account is suspended for some reason.

User Info: cheapchip

4 years ago#64
MH4 (I know it just a matter of time before they release this for the west market)
Digimon World Re: digitize Decode

I just need these two games and I can be a happy man once again lol
Gundul-Gundul Pacul

User Info: palkia19

4 years ago#65
Metroid FPS
Fossil Fighters 3D
Megaman (Like battle network and star force)
#1 ranked player in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Barbados. (Won 4/4 local tournaments) - Arc
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