I'm mentally prepared to be disappointed by Advance Wars 3DS

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User Info: Pupu27

4 years ago#51
Taaron posted...
Bahamut_10th posted...
GREEN00 posted...
Pyro_Yuy posted...
not that I've really bought anything from nint eshop, but with steam if they quit selling a game you can still download it from their servers if you had initially bought it... I'm sure that as long as you still have the same 3ds you should be able to download it...

10 years from now 3DS's eshop will be gone.

eShop was made to be the norm for their systems from now on. Next handheld will have eShop, probably an upgraded one, but eShop nonetheless.
And every game system is discontinued after a few years past its generation. Your games won't disappear if eShop is gone. And you'll be able to transfer everything from your 3DS to the next generation of handheld as usual...

In theory it should work, however it is a bit naïve to think it will be this way, First off games can be inherited to new systems but this requires compatible hardware or software emulation which we may not always get. Looking at examples, Xbox1/PS4 are cutting off Xbox360/PS3 digital games from the new system. Likewise Wii U doesn't natively play Wii digital games, rather has an onboard Wii which is likely to be removed sometime in the future considering the Wii dropped gamecube support. Servers for older systems will also likely not be around indefinitely as the company will want to save resources / costs and a good way to do that is get rid of obsolete things that many no longer use frequently or care about. Finally, Nintendo has already shown before that games that the lose licensing on are no longer downloadable, regardless it you own the game or not. An example of this is Yoshi for I believe the Wii.

Will you really want to play a 10 years old game? I have a bunch of PC games from 2000 and I wouldn't even bother to touch them.
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User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
4 years ago#52
I for one would not mind Advance Wars being playable on Wii U somehow. I really hate when the maps get so big, and you are just scrolling a lot, and really wish you could zoom out and see it all at once. (and the minimap sucks) In HD moreoever, this would be no problem.
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  3. I'm mentally prepared to be disappointed by Advance Wars 3DS

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