How many layers of protection does your 3DS have?

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User Info: Highpitchsolo

4 years ago#1
I personally always have at least three.. Screen protectors on both screens, a full crystal case, and then either a neoprene sleeve if I'm carrying it in pocket, or a hard case if I put it in my backpack or suitcase.

I have a friend with the Pikachu XL, and he doesn't even have screen protectors on it >_> I don't know how he justifies that.
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User Info: TerraPhantom

4 years ago#2
0. Just carry it around in my bag and clean the screen periodically. No major scratches on the screens.

User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#3
Just one, for the screens to prevent scratching (Not screen scratching by scratching when I clean it using my shirt)
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User Info: Arkkana

4 years ago#4
I have no protection on my Pikachu 3DS XL. How do you feel about that, TC?
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User Info: TakayaNoriko

4 years ago#5
-1. I fold it backwards so the screens face outwards.
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User Info: Unown_201

4 years ago#6
None, and it is still as good as new (had since launch). If I put it in my pocket or a bag I put a microfiber cloth between the screens just in case, but otherwise nothing at all.

I did the same with all handhelds since gameboy, and all are fine still.

User Info: Bahamut_10th

4 years ago#7
Screen protector only in the touch screen.

I kind of regret it... I don't even know how to remove the damn thing.
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User Info: x_stevey_x

4 years ago#8
my 3ds has no protection and no scratches.. though when i travel with it i put it in a case

User Info: SolarFlareKC

4 years ago#9
Just a pouch to keep my 3DS and 2DS from collecting dust while not being used.

User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 years ago#10
Zip, zero, zilch, nadda, nothing.
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