What's your 3DS game of the year?

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User Info: Mcnugget2256

3 years ago#1
My 3DS game of the year is... - Results (285 votes)
New Super Mario Bros 2
1.05% (3 votes)
Fire Emblem: Awakening
20.35% (58 votes)
Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
3.86% (11 votes)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
7.02% (20 votes)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate/ MH4
4.91% (14 votes)
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
2.81% (8 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
11.58% (33 votes)
Shin Megami Tensei IV
10.53% (30 votes)
Pokemon X and Y
30.18% (86 votes)
7.72% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
This year it was very VERY difficult to choose. I guess it comes down to which game I spent the most time playing. So it came down to Animal Crossing and MH3U.

In the end, I think I enjoyed Monster Hunter a little bit more this year.

What about you guys? I realize games like Zelda and Mario Party aren't out yet, but I think you guys can predict if they will truly win your game of the year vote.
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User Info: MCcake

3 years ago#2
Voted MH3. Can't judge Zelda since I haven't even played it yet....
Currently playing: Kid Icarus Uprising, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
3DS FC: 4055-3491-9170/ Jam, the mayor of Bunma

User Info: Erukia

3 years ago#3
Animal Crossing; I put so much effort into my New Leaf town.
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 years ago#4
Pokemon XY, with SMT4 and FE:A tied for second.

Also, New Super Mario Bros. 2 came out last year.
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

3 years ago#5
Voted for Pokemon...but i think ALBW will change my vote
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3DS FC:3351-4244-8930 Pokemon Y: Melissa

User Info: x_stevey_x

3 years ago#6
fire emblem for me but link between worlds has a chance at dethroning it

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#7
Fire Emblem is still holding the title a week before Zelda. I suspect this will change.
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User Info: Gogo726

3 years ago#8
New Super Mario Bros. 2 was 2012 so that doesn't even qualify.
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User Info: Kelystic

3 years ago#9
Pokemon X up till now.

Is hoping that LoZ: ALBW can beat it. We'll see.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

3 years ago#10
Right now its easily Pokemon X and Y, but we'll see how Link Between Worlds does. It could give X/Y a run for its money in my eyes. I've always loved LttP and with the massive praise LBW's been getting, it could very well challenge X/Y. We'll see though. Just a week till its firmly in my Animal Crossing 3DS XL. :D
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