When will Nintendo Grow Up?

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User Info: LagPianist

3 years ago#91
Mr_Delcroix posted...
LagPianist posted...
This Miiverse scandal has really pushed me off the edge. Nintendo has just further solidified its already bad reputation for being kid-panderers.

What gets me pissed off the most is that these developers over at Nintendo are so talented. Too talented, in fact, to have their efforts served with a side of stone-age level functionality. I'm not talking about graphics, that's far from the problem.

The problem is that Nintendo has not yet conceived that gaming has become a social thing. Gamers are no longer the high school nerds or the 21 year old dropouts living in their basements like it was in the 80s. Gamers are a growing demographic. In my high school I have 7 friends who are gamers and not only gamers but, like myself, primarily Nintendo gamers. In a perfect world, I could ask them their NNID, friend them on my 3DS and battle them in Pokemon, race them in Mario Kart, or ask them for a hint in a dungeon of a Link Between Worlds via messaging.

Single player experiences are still the best way to enjoy games and always will be. But that doesn't mean thay can't still be enjoyed socially. A Link Between Worlds does not have a multiplayer mode, but I could totally ask a friend for help or share my stories with others. Communication will always be a big part of gaming and I am extremely upset that Nintendo has chosen to ignore it. Pictochat was a great idea that was held back by the limitations of the DS. With spotpass and streetpass available on 3DS it could have been much more.

I will still stay with Nintendo this gen. Vita, PS4, iOS, Android, Xbox, none of these have games I want. But all of the systems mentioned have something that the 3DS (and Wii U to an extent) lack; which is a robust social online community. As a gamer I am tired of being treated like an 8 year old, and I am tired of Nintendo acting like a gaming company would have eight years ago.

Nintendo has entertained me with all of its incredible games this year, but as we draw closer to the next gen, there are childish habits Nintendo seems to be clinging to, and now is the time to put away childish things.

I bet you also only watch R rated movies because anything lesser is just for big babies am I right?

How about YOU grow up.

How about you read the topic rather than just reading the title and assuming I'm an Xbro who hates bright colors?

User Info: Vyers

3 years ago#92
Baha05 posted...
When will people like you grow up and realize that maybe things take TIME to fix?

They made their decision to not go this direction back in the GameCube era. Two eras later, they're still struggling - and in fact have specifically stated that they will not progress with respect to Mario multi-player any further than they have.
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