Etrian Odyssey and Rune Factory question/rec.

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User Info: Momo_ST

3 years ago#1
Hey all, I've been interested in giving etrian odyssey a try, and my girlfriend has been wanting to give rune factory a try. Neither of us has played a game in the series before, but don't really want to play through 3 games to catch up, so what would you recommend? I was thinking of gettin eo3 and rf3 then moving to the 3ds versions, would we be missing much from either series if we don't start with the first game? Input appreciated.

User Info: n00bifier

3 years ago#2
I can't say for EO since I've only ever played EO4, but for Rune Factory each game is standalone and does not really require playing through the previous game. There are references here and there and some cameos, but nothing major. Also once you start playing and get used to RF3 and 4, you WILL NOT EVER be used to playing the first two games. Seriously, they're super clunky compared to 3 and 4.
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

3 years ago#3
Each EO game is stand alone, so you don't need to play any of the other games. EO Untold is a remake of the first game (EO1). But since it's the most polished, it may be hard to play EO1-3 afterwards. I believe the general consensus is that EO3 is the favorite among the majority of fans. I would suggest starting with EO4 or Untold, but since they are the most polished in the series, you may want to play the ds games first.

EO1 - Sort of obsolete since EOU was released, also had some balancing issues.
EO2 - Considered the hardest in the series.
EO3 - The favorite of many.
EO4 - The shortest and easiest in the series.
EOU - A remake of EO1, but enough was changed (such as dungeon design and class balance) that you could still play and enjoy the original.
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