Post a picture of your 3DS collection!

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User Info: fangirl_squee

4 years ago#51
Since everyone is posting their boxes and I'm too lazy at the moment to take a picture of all of mine.. this is my 3DS XL My AP games are on a different system.
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User Info: Mcnugget2256

4 years ago#52
Sagadego posted...

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User Info: Importaku

4 years ago#53
Not got many but i do have a varied selection so far, still a lot more imports i want to get.

Also have a nearly complete set of AR kid icarus cards in a official binder to go with the game i have nearly every Japanese card including all promos just missing 1 card (pit rally cry) but have all 411 of the rest.

Promo cards

User Info: DDCecil

4 years ago#54
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User Info: marioparty17

4 years ago#55
AjidoMarujido posted...
marioparty17 posted...
Here you go

Why do you have 3 copies of Super Street Fighter? :x

I use to trade my games alot, never did sell the cases for Sf because it was $20 back in the day
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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#56
Mcnugget2256 posted...
Sagadego posted...


I don't even... Wow...
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