Seems mario party flopped...

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User Info: pikachupwnage

3 years ago#1

Yeah Yeah I know vgchartz sucks...but still if even close to true this is quite a flop...releasing the same day as two bigger Nintendo games and Xbox one was probably an awful idea.

Not exactly sad though. The game looks pretty mediocre.
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User Info: TheDreadedZero

3 years ago#2
We already knew this.
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User Info: Anclation

3 years ago#3
We'll see, vgchartz is indeed complete garbage, it's the kind of game that tends to have really good legs, and isn't Mario Party still very popular in Japan?
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

3 years ago#4
It sold too much for what it's worth.

ND Cube needs to stop trying to make Mario Party a Wii U Party with Mario characters.
What a horrible night to have a grock raid.
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User Info: JJ2036

3 years ago#5
Not a surprise in the least
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User Info: WrestlinFan

3 years ago#6
What do they expect? You release a game with no hype and compete against yourselves.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

3 years ago#7
I know 10 or so other people, including myself, who would have bought it if it had online.

So take that as you may, Nintendo.
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User Info: McMarbles

3 years ago#8
Number of ****s given below.
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User Info: TalesOfGod

3 years ago#9
I bought it and it was fantastic.

Then again, I actually have friends who can play with me so I didn't give a **** about online.

User Info: ryudin89

3 years ago#10
Of course it did. They released it on the same day as a highly anticipated zelda release, included no online, and made the game mario party 9 style. It's like they did everything in their power to make the game fail.
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