Your reaction: Rosalina is actually male

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User Info: Aura_Sphere

3 years ago#51
Guess I'm going gay.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

3 years ago#52
bluemoogle posted...
This board is really obsessed with Rosalina...

It's like all of you were born at just the right time where you hit puberty when Super Mario Galaxy came out.

nah they hit puberty today. Final Fantasy VI Is the best game ever
If being Called a man makes you a man or transgender then samus is a man/transgender.

User Info: TalesOfGod

3 years ago#53
Motobug321 posted...
WrestlinFan posted...
I'm waiting on The_Pig_Hostage's reaction.

I'm here only to see this and he still hasn't posted yet...

User Info: Rango

3 years ago#54
I would tap it.
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