Fire Emblem or Pokemon

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User Info: Mozzil

4 years ago#11
MisoSoup27 posted...
Mozzil posted...
They completely removed the challange out of Pokemon while FE is pretty challenging, If you never played FE get that, if you played Pokemon you really aren't missing out on much, seeing they're likely to add another game in with improvements, (D/P,PLT)... Black and White 2...

Okay, so tell me when Pokemon was ever challenging? Nobody plays Pokemon to be challenged. They play it to build a team of new Pokemon an battle other trainers.

I never said it was really challenging I just said they made it a lot easier than the last games, when infact it needed to be harder. And some people do, you can't just say everyone doesn't play pokemon for a challenge. Explain 1st evo starter runs.
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User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#12
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User Info: ThisAnvil

4 years ago#13

Fire Emblem is pretty boring.
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User Info: screptile_

4 years ago#14
ACx7 posted...
Fire Emblem if you want the better story.


User Info: silverwing525

4 years ago#15
ACx7 posted...
Both of these games are perfect entry points for newcomers. Both of them offer fantastic gameplay and nice looking graphics. Both are easy to get in to and control. Fire Emblem has the better story and Pokemon has more replay value if you intend on training a team and battling online.

Fire Emblem if you want the better story.(Replay ability comes from paid DLC and repeating the story on different difficulties.)
Pokemon if story isn't as important as gameplay and replayability. (Not saying the Pokemon story is bad. Just not as good as the Fire Emblem one.)

You honestly can't go wrong with either. You'll want to try them both at some point.

^This. Without a doubt, both games are amazing masterpieces that are a must have for any 3DS owner. :D
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User Info: wheeling_gamer

4 years ago#16
Are you big on collecting? If so, get Pokémon. Do you just want a game to play? If so, get Fire Emblem.

This is because Pokémon is constantly upgrading and getting new games, so older games eventually become archaic and outdated. This is no problem if you are a collector, or have money to spare, but otherwise, it can be annoying.

Fire Emblem has remained more or less the same, with most of the truly archaic games never making it outside Japan. Therefore, you won't have the same problem that you might have with Pokémon. The one problem about starting with Awakening is that a lot of the systems got overhauled, so you might be confused if you choose to go get some of the previous entries. Also, Awakening is a distant sequel to the other entries, so you might want to read up on their stories before you start.
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