Streetpass Relay Questions

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User Info: TinyTim123

3 years ago#11
irulethegalaxy posted...
Link3 posted...
I'm pretty sure it's not every Best Buy, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc, so it's quite possible the ones you're not getting any streetpasses at just aren't participating.


Possible, but the locations I went to are listed on the site as being Nintendo Zones. I'm betting that the employees just don't have it set up/routers down/etc. TBH, the Bestbuy employees are clueless and the McD's....well, rudest, dirtiest place I've been in. No way I'd eat there on a bet. Guessing they just don't care.

Ha, yeah. Our local McDonalds is the only Nintendo Zone we have in about a 50 mile radius, and they rarely turn it on. About 1 in 6 times visiting do I get any streetpasses. The other five time, it's not even transmitting.

User Info: gbatt

3 years ago#12
I live in a LARGE major metropolitan city, and I can say that so far, every legitimate AT&T WiFi Access Point that I have encountered with the SSID 'attwifi' has been both a Nintendo Zone and a Spot Pass relay point for me.

EDIT: While I have no evidence to back this up, I personally believe it is a deal between AT&T and Nintendo to make any AT&T WiFi hotspot a Nintendo Zone as well. We know, based on the HomePass information, that it is only based upon an SSID (attwifi) and MAC addresses. I suspect that the 3DS recognizes a ‘Nintendo Zone’ based upon the SSID (attwifi), actually, I can confirm this as I have set up my own AP on my phone using the SSID attwifi and my 3DS recognized it as a Nintendo Zone, and the SpotPass Relay information is managed via MAC addresses. I wouldn’t say it is unreasonable that AT&T provided Nintendo with a list of all their AP’s MAC addresses throughout the US.
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User Info: The_shoemaker

3 years ago#13
The Nintendo Zones work for me sometimes. During the StreetPass weekend I got 6 every time I went to a McDonalds, now I get nothing. Not sure what it is, I know other people go there with their 3DS's :p I used to work at one and would get StreetPasses often.
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User Info: Gamer_1028

3 years ago#14
Interesting... Thanks a lot guys! Especially the lengthy posts. I thought you had to actually open up Nintendo Zone.

So basically it just streetpasses like regular and doesn't specifically say that you got them through a relay point, correct? Like, how do I know which Miis I've received through a relay, rather than a regular streetpass? Is it supposed to say anything?

User Info: TheLastSpecies

3 years ago#15
There's nothing different about relay streetpasses, they show up the same as if you steetpassed with the people on the streets and such. Its just a system that stores streetpasses and lets you collect them.

Though relays can be a bit wonky, you might get the passes right off the bat, or it could take a few minutes before you receive them.
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User Info: Gamer_1028

3 years ago#16
I see I see. I tried it today at a McDonald's and it worked I think... I got 6 streetpasses. I also went to a BestBuy and only got 2? Shouldn't there always be at least 6 previous users at a relay? Strange...

User Info: ClimaxKing

3 years ago#17
Just a personal anecdote, but I stopped by Starbucks early this morning then hit up another one a couple hours later in different part of town. I ended up meeting the same exact 6 Miis. I thought it was strange and disappointing since I really wanted one with a white shirt.
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User Info: WitchBaby4200

3 years ago#18
I would also suggest go to a Home Depot! They normally have more than one router, so I've gotten up to, and over 10 hits at a time, not just 6. :)
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User Info: Jakyl25

3 years ago#19
Yes, Home Depot is the motherload. Just by walking up and down the aisles of 1/4 of the store you should easily get the max 10.

You can actually see all of their routers on the ceiling, so if you don't mind looking a little creepy, you can just go stand under each one until you get the green light, open the 3DS up to clear it, and then walk 30 feet to the next one, and repeat until you run out. I do it a lot. It's very efficient.
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