Your dream sequel/remake

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User Info: Motobug321

3 years ago#51
Banjo Threeie.

User Info: Kojin66

3 years ago#52
Suikoden VI - no more of this alternate world jazz... still lots of main story to go through

User Info: F1areaGaman

3 years ago#53
Pretty much any solid JRPG from SNES/GEN - PS2/GC/XBOX era in gaming.

Any of the old Final Fantasy games, any of the old DQ games (can we get VII yet?) lots of odd ball JRPGS on the PS1 and PS2....
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User Info: Silmarnir

3 years ago#54
Majoras Mask as a remake would be sweet. But I'd also like then to make a Majoras Mask rehash which would actually be the game they envisioned in the first place. With 7 full days instead of 3 and all that... and for a non-nintendo remake; legend of dragoon.

User Info: Rayquaza487

3 years ago#55
Who's with me for a full on Chrono Trigger remake, with even more endings, additional playable characters, and a more in-depth monster catching mode (from the DS version)???
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User Info: Cudlecakes

3 years ago#56
ok first off, no contest my absolute most wanted sequel would be Dark Cloud 3. The first one is probably one of my all time favorites and the second is really good as well. Besides that I'm not sure, some of my favorite series are already getting sequels like FF. Also I enjoyed MGS 1-3 but 4 just blew me away, I'm hoping V will go above and beyond that. Oh and keep the good JRPGs coming out.

User Info: InkSpell432

3 years ago#57
Dream Sequels:

-The World Ends with You 2 for 3DS or iOS
-Shenmue III for PS4 or Xbox One
-Gradius VI for PS4 and PS Vita
-Patapon 4 for PS Vita
-Pokemon X/Y 2 for 3DS
-Valkyria Chronicles III for PS4 and PS Vita
-Final Fantasy Tactics 4 for 3DS, PS Vita, iOS, and Android
-Final Fantasy XII-2 (but not like FFXII: Revenant Wings) for PS4 and Xbox One
-Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 for 3DS or Wii U
-Resonance of Fate 2 for PS4
-Jak 4 (but not like Jak X or Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier) for PS4 and PS Vita
-The Elder Scrolls VI for PS4, Xbox One, and PC
-Borderlands 3 for PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and PC
-Phantasy Star Portable 3 for PS Vita

Dream Remakes:

-The World Ends with You for 3DS and PS Vita
-Final Fantasy VI for 3DS, PS Vita, iOS, and Android
-Halo 2 for Xbox One
-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One

...I don't think there's much to remake since PS3 has a lot that I want already. Good thing the PS3 didn't suck. Otherwise I would've had to endure the 7th Generation.
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User Info: helldew

3 years ago#58
Golden sun more then anything else. Dark dawn wasnt bad but it needs a sequel in the worst way considering they spent the entire game setting one up.

also Megaman Legends.... yeah....
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User Info: GL10

3 years ago#59
Watching December's Nintendo Direct I realised what I want the most.

Kirby Air Ride 2.
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