Kid Icarus Uprising vs Gravity Rush

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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#1
Which is the better game? I played Gravity Rush on my brother's Vita and it is pretty amazing. I was looking for a similar game on 3DS and found Kid Icarus. So, opinions? Is there another game I should be looking at instead?

User Info: Galeforce99

3 years ago#2
At least Gravity Rush is playable.

User Info: Marsford

3 years ago#3
Kid Icarus is so f***** good it's ridiculous.

The controls are really really tricky and almost painful though. Takes adapting.

I feel like Kingdom Hearts might be similar to GR.

EDIT: Tricky isn't the right word. They're intuitive but the learning curve is steep.
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User Info: CheeseIsSoFat

3 years ago#4
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User Info: melchiahdim

3 years ago#5
Both great games, but I would have to go with Kid Icarus.
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User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#6
They're completely different. Kid Icarus is a mix of on-rails shooting segments like Panzer Dragoon or something and fairly linear exploration/action segments on foot.

Kid Icarus is an amazing game with tons to do if you can get the controls to work for you. I couldn't.
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User Info: Leanaunfurled

3 years ago#7
Merely talking about controls, Gravity Rush in a heartbeat. Games are pretty different though and both are fun.
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User Info: Tempest717

3 years ago#8
Kid Icarus, Gravity Rush's combat is an abomination.
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User Info: Taaron

3 years ago#9
KI:U had questionable controls but generally better gameplay. However think the game still could have been much better in both controls and gameplay if they had more standard control system, at least for the ground portion. Would have much rather used buttons to attack and actually have a better variety of attacks, abilities, etc.

Gravity Rush however had much better controls, although still not perfect. However Gravity Rush needed to work a lot more on the battle mechanics and side quests in order for it to be good. Most battles Gravity Kick was the only viable way to fight which became boring quickly. Only side quests I have ever seen were rush through the check points which was also very disappointing.

Can't really say one is better than the other as the are both flawed and both proved to be a disappointment to me.
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User Info: Blabadon

3 years ago#10
Gravity Rush.

Out of these two games both with polarizing controls, I thought Gravity Rush was a fresh breath of air and a great open world game. Certainly flawed, but great. Kid Icarus is just a bad game.
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