What was your very first handheld system and video game?

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User Info: smifypz

3 years ago#111
Silver GBA SP with Yoshi's Island
Although my brother had a GBC which I played on before I got the SP
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User Info: BahamutBBob

3 years ago#112
My first handheld was an old brick GameBoy. My first game (that was "mine") was The Legend of Zelda. I don't remember what my first GameBoy game was, I had a few that I got with the system, but don't remember what they were.
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User Info: viperstrike07

3 years ago#113
Gameboy with either Mario Land, Tetris or Alleyway

User Info: Wildspark

3 years ago#114
Gameboy advance sp with Mario vs donkey kong
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User Info: Videogamegalaxy

3 years ago#115
Game Boy with Mega Man Xtreme

User Info: GuardianAtDawn

3 years ago#116
Original GameBoy, with some Mario game (I don't honestly remember which one), but I shared that with three siblings.
Then I got a purple GameBoy Colour with Pokemon Yellow all for myself, so that probably counts as "my" first handheld =P
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User Info: metaldiggle2

3 years ago#117
Gameboy, Tetris / Super Mario Land.
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User Info: Dorduwa

3 years ago#118
SEA_ posted...
Game Boy with Tetris in 1992



3 years ago#119
Original Game Boy and Kirbys Dreamland, 20+ years ago
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User Info: vattodev

3 years ago#120
GameBoy Color, Zelda - Link's Awakening DX and Pokemon Red (my system seller).
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