What made you purchase your Nintendo 3DS?

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User Info: stalemate_666

3 years ago#11
Wow everyone answered name brand in one way or another sad but not unexpected
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User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#12
I like playing video games.
is haha

User Info: Blabadon

3 years ago#13
If you respond to stalemate and get a s***** argument going, you're a bad person.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

3 years ago#15
Ocarina of Time and the promise of a Megaman Legends 3 demo at E3 made me purchase my 3DS.

It got little use for about a year after that, when more than one game interested me.
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User Info: viperstrike07

3 years ago#16
Never played ocarina of time and a friend offered to sell me his with OoT (quite cheaply =) ). It was also an ambassador 3ds which I now have transferred to my XL. Have since sold my original 3ds.

User Info: NathanisDrake

3 years ago#17
Blobs_ posted...
I like playing video games.
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User Info: danielcadarn

3 years ago#18
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

User Info: GuardianAtDawn

3 years ago#19
For Bravely Default.
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User Info: Bahamut_10th

3 years ago#20
Kid Icarus Uprising
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