Bought a 3DS today!! Anything I should know?

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User Info: MaDHat

3 years ago#1
I picked up the 3DS XL Mario & Luigi bundle. It was on at Costco for 149.97 which I thought was a pretty good deal. I also picked up Zelda A link between Worlds and Etrian Odyssey!

Are there any free games and stuff like Sony does? I havent owned a Nintendo console/handheld since back int eh gameboy days so I am not sure...

User Info: Mecamatt

3 years ago#2
All good choices my friend, and that's a good deal as well. I'd recommend Monster Hunter if you have another friend with a 3DS, some of the best times of my video gaming life have been playing monster hunter with my friends.

There's also the obvious Pokemon and Animal Crossing posts, you might dig that, you might not.

But really Fire Emblem: Awakening is something I have to recommend to everyone, it's pretty incredible.
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3 years ago#3
I'm going to Costco now.

Edit: Do you have to get the Mario/Luigi 3DS? I would rather have a normal black/blue one.

User Info: Chimera268

3 years ago#4
Buy kid Icarus.
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User Info: Cannske

3 years ago#5
There was Zelda FS last week for free, and currently there's Steel Diver SW. Don't expect this to be a thing.
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User Info: ar4757

3 years ago#6
Here's a tip: supposedly in march if you register a 3ds and game on club Nintendo you get pokemon x or y free. So wait to register your stuff in march.
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

3 years ago#7
You may want to consider making a Club Nintendo account. You enter those codes that come with first party (and some third party) games to earn Coins, then can redeem the Coins for stuff including a few game downloads.

As for game recomendations:
Fire Emblem Awakening is awesome
Bravely Default is a great old-school style RPG
Senan Kagura Burst is a fun side scrolling beat-em-up with plenty of fanservice if you're into that
Project X Zone is pretty good, but it's really long and can get tedious after a while.
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User Info: MaDHat

3 years ago#8
Thanks I will do that.

I live in Canada, so I don't know of the US stores are clearing them out. Yes it is just the bundle (which is better anyway since you get the free game)

Just went to the pawn shop and they had Mario 3D land for 20 bucks so I picked that up too.

I just noticed the verison of Etrian I bought is the Untold one. Is this just as good as 4?

User Info: Blabadon

3 years ago#9
You bought a disappointing system.

Congrats though. Excellent pick on LBW, meh on 3D Land. Get Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, I'm playing that right now and it's a boatload of fun.

Untold is pretty fun actually, this coming from someone who thought both demos for the EO games on 3DS were awful. Granted, I've only played ten minutes of it, but it's well-done so far.
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User Info: MaDHat

3 years ago#10
Why is it disappointing? I wanted a handheld and it was between this and the Vita. From everything I have read, the 3DS's library is better.
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