Azure gunvolt looks amazing!

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  3. Azure gunvolt looks amazing!

User Info: GeekyDad

3 years ago#11
Amazing? Hardly. Looks good, though. Enjoyed both the Z series and the ZX games. More of that is fine by me, especially since an Igavania is likely to not happen on 3DS.
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User Info: 1212-1

3 years ago#12
I am surprised there aren't more topics for this game. I am really looking forward to this and also Shantae and the pirates curse by Wayforward.

User Info: Starwars4J

3 years ago#13
Looks great but I'm still wondering how he managed to pump this out before Mighty Number 9 and hope that doesn't reflect a decrease in quality. I'm sure this is really what all that extra cash from the kickstarter went to.
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User Info: ecco6t9

3 years ago#14
It will be a day one download for me.
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  3. Azure gunvolt looks amazing!

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