Which 3DS character is your waifu?

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User Info: GentarouHongou

3 years ago#31
I wasn't trying to be funny, she has more rule 34 than any other Pokemon character in existence

User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#32
zinformant posted...
It's supposed to be funny but falls flat.

You haven't spent any time on the Pokemon boards, obviously.


User Info: GentarouHongou

3 years ago#33
Tharja is killing it

User Info: middays_deep

3 years ago#34
I guess Palutena.
I don't even know how many versions of Xehanort there are anymore :(
Golden Rule

User Info: UselessAltAccnt

3 years ago#35
"Blues Clues is a TV video game." - IustiniusMagnus

User Info: InnerSolace

3 years ago#36
That Tharja popularity.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

3 years ago#37
Given the options... it's Edea hands down.

If I had to pick a waifu from each game (that I've played) tho...

Viridi (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
Nowi (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Clover (Virtue's Last Reward)
Jill's *** (Resident Evil: Revelations)
Shauna or Emma (Pokemon X/Y)
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User Info: Akihiko__Sanada

3 years ago#38
Was gonna say Palutena, but then say Athena Cykes on the list.
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User Info: p00platys

3 years ago#39

User Info: KiraWins

3 years ago#40
Tharja is in the newest 300
Just saying

and she Gets smashed
"Someone whp actually finds KiraWIns kind of annoying too. Sweet." ~ Radiantist027
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