SMT IV for $30 or Etrian Odyssey IV for $20?

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User Info: HorrorSindicate

3 years ago#11
I've seen the future, baby: it is murder

User Info: helldew

3 years ago#12
SMTIV is better IMO
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User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#13
EO by a mile. But Devil Survivor is also fantastic.

User Info: x_stevey_x

3 years ago#14
all 3 are about equal. very good but just shy of greatness . go with whatever's cheaper as they all offer tons of playtime and quality

User Info: TendaShy

3 years ago#15
I would get SMTIV as a physical game. Get EO digitally.
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User Info: Darklit_Fantasy

3 years ago#16
SMT4 > DeSu >>>> every other 3DS game
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User Info: Minish_link02

3 years ago#17
Etrian Odyssey IV because it's $20.

Both games are good though.
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User Info: n00bifier

3 years ago#18
Why not both
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User Info: aerisly

3 years ago#19
Played SMTIV for about 5 hours and just couldn't get into it. Sold it.

EOIV is 96 hours+ and still waiting to be finished by me.
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User Info: dascylus

3 years ago#20
Such fanboy, many bias
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