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Anyone else not a big fan of the 3DS?

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User Info: mrjack3112

3 years ago#41
EasterEggHunter posted...
Mariofan15 posted...
hyjinx17 posted...
ObtuseAngina posted...
If you dont like the system why are you posting here?

This is a dumb thing to say. Because he doesn't like the product he's not supposed to discuss why he dislikes it?

It would be except he has a point. There's no point in posting here if you dislike the system. That's common sense.

This. I mean the most we can do is agree with you or dispute lol :p

Seriously guys? especially you mariofan15. Disscussion is the best route

User Info: Chosen_one_41

3 years ago#42
I absolutely love my 3DS even though I rarely play it. It's the prefect size and the screen is very vivid and clear, I also really like the 3D effects.
I'm a gamer, I care about games. I really don't care which platform it's on.

User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#43
Yeah I have to admit the system itself isn't that great. Most of my favorite games on it would work just fine or even better on the Vita now that I think about it. Apart from Etrian Odyssey 4; the cartography aspect would get awkward.
I do think that the 3DS XL's screen is a huge plus though. I didn't notice any problems with the brightness but that might be because I always play it inside.

User Info: VannofThursday

3 years ago#44
Well im also one who OWNS a 3DS XL only for the GAMES.
if MH never jump to Nintendo I WONT BE BUYING THIS.
For 3DS being a not so great is true.Just look on the quality of the screen and how the handheld hardware is poorly built.
I dont own a Vita but for a piece of hardware like that,its superior vs 3DS.
The Vita for me is a GREATLY built handheld.
It just dont have the games.
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(message deleted)

User Info: vedoris86

3 years ago#46
Mariofan15 posted...
ObtuseAngina posted...
If you dont like the system why are you posting here?


You can not like the system but still enjoy the games, I don't like the wii or 3ds but got them because they have some great exclusives. If they weren't exclusive no one would buy their systems, they are always cheap and underpowered
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User Info: Sandslashed

3 years ago#47
People usually buy consoles not based on hardware but on software instead. Afterall, if hardware was so important vita would have sold more than the 3DS. If hardware is such a concern for you, then you should buy a vita. 3DS owners don't like what you are saying because we want this forum to be for 3DS enthusiasists instead of denigraters like on the Wii U and Xbox 1 forums.
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User Info: RedSuisei

3 years ago#48
Main reason I bought a 3DS was Monster Hunter, and Monster Hunter only. I was never a fan of Nintendo first party titles, and frankly, the only Nintendo first party I ended up playing on the 3DS was Fire Emblem (which, IMO, is good, but not as awesome as everyone makes it out be). I tried other highly popular games as well, but none ever really hold my interest for long. A year ago I would say 3DS has more games that interest me than Vita, but right now I would say it's the opposite. I haven't even touched my 3DS in 3 months.

Anyway, game library is subjective, and being in a 3DS board I'm pretty sure most disagree with my game library preference, but for things other than game library that I find lacking in the 3DS:
1. Obviously low quality graphics.
2. 3D is nice, I'm one of the people who always play with 3D on, but when the graphics are low quality the 3D makes it even more noticeable.
3. Not very comfortable to hold.
4. Built seems cheap. After not using it for a few months, my analog feels sticky and it got a little bit stuck.
5. I really dislike Nintendo's account system and eShop system.
6. Finally, region-locking.

User Info: VannofThursday

3 years ago#49
we have the same reason lol.
3DS FC:2552-0822-9372 DARK Friend Safari
Playing: MH3U (Siegfreath) and Pokemon Y (Vann).Soon to Play MH4U!

User Info: Webby-sama

3 years ago#50
3DS is a cool dude.
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