What's the most overrated 3DS game?

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User Info: astrophys

3 years ago#101
WizardofHoth posted...
Brave Default is reusing the same old crap which is the Job system. Final Fantasy III did it. Final Fantasy V did it. And so did Final Fantasy Tactics and that Tactic Ogre game for the Super NIntendo.

I wouldn't call it (the job system) crap. I'd call it awesome! Not to mention that I've been finding it to be a considerable refinement/improvement in the handling of the job systems, building upon the successes of the games so mentioned.

An its name is "Bravely Default", not "Brave Default". Brave and Default are combat mechanics in it.

User Info: freutty2

3 years ago#102
xOmniCloudx posted...
maxpowr3 posted...
freutty2 posted...
Pokemon Y and X by far. I thought those games were crap. Atleast FE and Bravely Default had a story and gameplay. Pokemon Y was horrible imo.

Bravely Default has "that issue" which kills much of the game which is a real shame.

Pokemon hasn't been good since Gold/Silver yet people keep buying them up. It's like the FF fangirls who think FFXIII is amazing.

Despite thinking Gen 2 was the best, Gen 3 was awesome and topped everything before mechanic wise with ease. Many people would say Gen 3 is when the series peaked overall.

I use to have Pokemon Emerald, but no longer due to stuff. I got Black years later and loved it. Then White 2 came out and I thought it was ok. Then Pokemon Y came out I thought it was crap. i didn't enjoy it at all. I'm playing FF 13 atm, and I currently think FF 13 is better.
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User Info: Ccroybb

3 years ago#103
I'd have to say ALBW. I never hear any criticism for that game. I've seen plenty of people complain about Bravely Default or Fire Emblem, but Zelda? Never.
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User Info: LinkSoraZelda

3 years ago#104
Pokémon X and Y, and Bravely Default.
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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#105
I don't get the point of these threads - it inevitably just becomes a list of the 10-15 most popular games on the system.
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