3DS is literally the worst Nintendo hardware since Virtual Boy

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User Info: SittinGamer

3 years ago#61
I literally got the black 3DS back in June of 2012 and mine is still in really good condition. No stiff buttons, no circle pad tearing, nothin... It;s probably just the 3DS's being sold near you...

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 years ago#62
It's probably because 3DS was made in China, previous Nintendo consoles were made in Japan.
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User Info: mappy41

3 years ago#63
My first 3ds was a used ambassador aqua blue which I bought online. I don't know how many previous owners it had and how they handled the unit. But it did serve me well 'til recently when the battery got bloated and needed to be replaced. The only problem I had with it is the circle pad rubber tearing apart. Last year I bought an XL and never had any hardware issues with it. It even survived a dip in the water under heavy rain but thats another story (had to use the rice technique and had to leave it there for 3days).
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User Info: DonJimman

3 years ago#64
I'm enjoying my virtual boy everyday nothing wrong with it

User Info: JoeBudden42

3 years ago#65
TC put his shades on and bounced
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User Info: ReigningSemtex

3 years ago#66
i must admit when i got the cosmos black on release day within 24 hours of getting it the 3d slider completely stopped working and this was the only time i have ever been able to fault nintendo's hardware

User Info: lowell666

3 years ago#67
TriangularTwig posted...
MrAwesome312 posted...
Considering the 3DS is objectively better than the DS, saying it is literally the worst is factually incorrect.

lmao. guess the Wii U is Nintendo's greatest system and that the PS4 is the best system of all time, you know objectively speaking

I think what he was getting at was that the 3DS can play every DS game, plus its own 3DS games. In that sense, it makes sense to say it's "better"

The PS4 isn't even backwards compatible

The Wii U can at least play Wii games
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User Info: Boomerang78

3 years ago#68
bijwmoc posted...
legendarylemur posted...
You didn't try to repair them or anything? However, I somewhat agree. My DSi was perfect, so was my DS Lite. My 3DS OG Aqua Blue needed 3 repairs, and currently it has a super stiff d-pad and the circle pad rubber pretty f***ing loose, WHAT THE F*** NINTENDO, YOU'RE TEARIN ME APAT LISA

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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

3 years ago#69
I came here expecting a troll topic, but was surprised. TC has legitimate complaints and is reasonable.

I too have had problems with my 3DS - the first one I got had one of the triggers stick, and since it was under warranty Nintendo repaired it. After I upgraded to an XL, I had problems with the button and case on that one, and even though Nintendo supposedly repaired it, I got it back from them in worse condition. After telling them about this and sending it back in, they sent me a brand-new one (with my internal memory copied over) as a replacement. This one has lasted for a few years, but a couple months ago the A button started getting worse, and now it doesn't register a press unless I push really hard on it, which makes playing pretty much all my games except touch-screen-only nigh-impossible.

I disagree that it's the worst Nintendo hardware; in fact I think it's their best handheld ever (the XL at least) in terms of library, functionality, and power. The manufacturing of it and the many mechanical problems it has are really frustrating, though.
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User Info: Kurisu_bm

3 years ago#70
No, I swear this is not a troll topic, this is real. And believe me, I wish it wasn't.

I'm really glad that so many of you don't have this problem, but It's also very lame to see people calling me names and saying that I am at fault. How could I have possibly prevented this? By not buying 3DS in the first place.

I really want this console but so far it's only been a cause of stress. The unit I have right now (#4) is the best so far but the yellow tinted top screen really is annoying. When both screens stay white (loading screens, flashes, cutscenes, etc.) this problem is VERY visible.

Looking for a possible fix I found Amazon reviews of HORI 3DS screen protector, and people complaining about top screen protector leaving a purple tint... Now this might be just what I need, haha.
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