3DS is literally the worst Nintendo hardware since Virtual Boy

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User Info: renzsweet

3 years ago#71
We have bought several 3ds systems. I have an xl, two of my sons have a 3ds and three of my daughters. two are the blue launch systems, one is the purple that we got at launch, and the xl is the Zelda that we got at launch. None of these have given any problem at all. My wife was actually a bit surprised at their durability.
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User Info: XMidnightMidnaX

3 years ago#72
I've had my purple 3DS a little over year now and the only problem I've encountered is it freezing a couple of times. Sounds like you may just have bad luck with where you're buying them, which sucks
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User Info: SilentSeph

3 years ago#73
The 1st, 2nd, and 4th purchases sucked, but to be honest, I think I would have just stuck with the 3rd purchase. My 3DS that I got the Christmas of its launch year (which I think is 2011, but I can't remember exactly) scratches itself and leaves circle prints as well, but I've learned to ignore those (it bothered me A LOT when I first noticed it). However, now both of my shoulder buttons no longer work, so I have to send it in for repairs eventually. It sounds like people with even launch 3DS's are having zero issues which is good, but I've also had problems with my Wii, which makes me a little nervous about new Nintendo hardware. Every other home console and handheld I've owned from Nintendo has been flawless, though.

User Info: Master X

Master X
3 years ago#74
The 3D is hit and mix. I find that...

Some games are designed to be played in 3D and that the graphics actually improve with 3D on and look super sharp and smooth. Mario & Luigi 4 has clearly been designed with 3D in mind and looks insane good. It looks so drab without 3D on. Which i guess can be considered a negative too, since it's graphics have clearly been designed around looking their best only if you have 3D on.

Some actually look hideous with 3D on, and 3D clearly and afterthought. the colour goes all washed out and jaggy edges. Just horrible. And the depth is hardly noticeable.

I play with it off though. Despite it not effecting me much, it still is a bit of a strain, mainly not being able to keep the console still with the 3D flashing on/off as it tilts out of view (VERY distracting).
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User Info: Mariofan15

3 years ago#75
No,it isn't.Especially since you were just unlucky.
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User Info: GunnerXII

3 years ago#76
Z_hunter91 posted...
Same here. My three and a half year old 3DS is still going without any problems whatsoever after 1100 hours of use.

same here never had problem with my 3ds

User Info: Watt64

3 years ago#77
Kurisu_bm posted...
No, I swear this is not a troll topic, this is real. And believe me, I wish it wasn't.

I'm really glad that so many of you don't have this problem, but It's also very lame to see people calling me names and saying that I am at fault. How could I have possibly prevented this? By not buying 3DS in the first place.

I really want this console but so far it's only been a cause of stress. The unit I have right now (#4) is the best so far but the yellow tinted top screen really is annoying. When both screens stay white (loading screens, flashes, cutscenes, etc.) this problem is VERY visible.

Looking for a possible fix I found Amazon reviews of HORI 3DS screen protector, and people complaining about top screen protector leaving a purple tint... Now this might be just what I need, haha.

I completely have the same problem with you and know what you mean. My first 3ds was fine, but it's circle pad broke. I've tried getting a new 3ds 3 times, and each time it has the yellow tinted screen and a gritty circle pad. I'm giving up too. I've already played all the games I wanted to, anyway.

Lets hope Nintendo's next handheld isn't complete crap. THIS is why I never understand people who say the 3ds is better.
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User Info: iMURDAu

3 years ago#78
My Virtual Boy has always worked fine while my Gamecube occupies a landfill and I've owned at least one version of every Nintendo system except Wii U. TC may have had back luck with 3DS' but its no reason to slander the VB.
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User Info: gameplayer6458

3 years ago#79
My 3DS is actually the only Nintendo product to have any sort of damage this soon. It's circle pad cover has fell off, the vertical lines of doom, and the damn circle pad impression below the speaker. I think the screens are just way too close together when closed.
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User Info: Burningocean

3 years ago#80
I bought an Aqua Blue 3DS last year and ive only had 1 problem with it:Its used and the analog stick rubber keeps poping off.
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