Do you keep your games?

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User Info: Leanaunfurled

3 years ago#11
DESMONDmoonbear posted...
I eat them afterwards
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User Info: TinyTim123

3 years ago#12
I keep them until I give them away.
I don't sell my games.
I will give games to friends that really want to play them but can't because of financial reasons or the game is difficult to find or whatever. I've had friends ask for games and given them a whole generation of games so they have something to play and a whole lot to choose from, like my Playstation and something like 120 games, or my Gamecube and the half dozen or so games I owned for that.
Otherwise, I hang on to them.

User Info: TheDreadedZero

3 years ago#13
Luckily I don't really lose much money if any. I don't purchase the games new at full price to begin with. If you wait like a week after a game comes out you can watch ebay and eventually find someone selling like-new 3ds games for around $27 instead of $40. So any of the popular Nintendo franchises that you'll near find on clearance I got for $27. I kept a few of those and mostly sold The games I either don't play or have beaten with nothing left to do.

To buy my collection new at full retail price when each game launched would have cost around $1,200. Luckily I paid more like $400.
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User Info: BigAl519

3 years ago#14
I will usually trade in ones that I don't enjoy or some of the ones that I beat and have no ambition to replay. In fact, I just traded in Bravely Default and Fire Emblem for Professor Layton today. Beat BD (although grew bored of it in Chapter 5) and despised FE.
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User Info: darkus_f

3 years ago#15
If a game is worth keeping, I keep it. If not, I sell it after I've gotten all my use out of it.
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User Info: VideoGameXV

3 years ago#16
I keep all my games nowadays, I only buy games I want to play or want as part of my collection though I will sell a game if I really don't want it as part of my collection or if it's a game I got for free and didn't like (friends and family buying gifts don't count as part of the free games though).

As I spent a whole lot of money on a game why would I sell it for a lesser price, I'm just losing money, the only time I could think of doing that is if I could sell it at a higher price than what I payed for it and if it's cheap enough to buy again with the money I got back on it while having some left over to go towards more games as well.

User Info: Thryhring

3 years ago#17
I use Gamefly and rent most of the games I play, so I guess no -- but when I do buy a game, yes, I always keep them

User Info: Darkstorm16

3 years ago#18
I vowed never to sell games unless I am 100% sure because I regret so many trade ins I'm just lucky I got some back....:/ I miss you musashi. But now I'm more careful on what I buy.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

3 years ago#19
Yes, but by the time I get around to playing most of my games, they wouldn't sell for enough for me to find it worthwhile to go through the trouble of reselling them. Usually if I get around to playing a game as soon as I buy it, it's something that I know I'll like enough to hang onto even if I don't replay it after finishing it.
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User Info: nemerz

3 years ago#20
I keep everything, since I know I'm gonna regret doing that one day or another. Plus When I 100% a game, I usually swear to myself I won't touch it again, but it never lasts. Also that's why I went full on digital this generation on Vita, 3DS and of course iOS; everything is yours to keep if you backup :)
However I regret selling previous gaming handhelds like DS or PSP. I won't do that ever again.
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