Any tips for selling a Zelda 3DS XL on Ebay/Amazon?

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User Info: chasaer

3 years ago#1
I am quite strapped for cash at the moment and have less and less time to enjoy my 3DS. I have a lot of games for the system, physical and digital, for the system.

Besides the Link Between Worlds copy on my system, I have Phoenix Wright and a few Virtual Console games on there. Do those digital purchases add to the value of the system, or are they almost negligible to add to the price point?

Also, are there settings or some kind of system wipe I can perform that deletes any personal information but not the games?
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User Info: Syd_CB

3 years ago#2
Games are tied to your account...wipe your account and the games go too. I'm pretty sure that even with the NNID, the only way to include those digital games in the purchase is to also give your NNID information (password).
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User Info: Drac_Mazoku

3 years ago#3
Indeed, once the games are linked to your NNID, they don't have any value except if you give all your NNID information to the buyer, but then, not many people will take the risk to trust your words, so at that point, count them as no value. I would say, swallow the pill and take the loss. Just put away your 3DS somewhere and forget about it for a while. One day, your need for cash won't be there anymore, and a 3DS game you really want will emerge. At that point, you'll be able to say "Oh yeah, I still have my 3DS", and it will be like receiving it for the first time all over again :)

That's what I did with my Wii U. Really needed some cash a few months ago, and the Wii U seemed like it was collecting dust. Instead of selling it, I just cut on some other things for a few weeks, and forgot about the Wii U. Now, I'm more than happy to have kept it after the awesome E3 Nintendo had.
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User Info: Mivo

3 years ago#4
You will get more for the limited edition if you wait longer. Unless it is an emergency (rent, food), I would probably hang onto it.
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  3. Any tips for selling a Zelda 3DS XL on Ebay/Amazon?

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