Did you truly enjoy SMT IV? (spoiler)

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User Info: BirdWithDreams

3 years ago#1
They say it's a gameplay first JRPG with a mature, dark and gritty world setting.

I don't know why but after playing this game I find it incredibly difficult to go back to Persona 4 Golden.

However, I really wished SMT IV could have shown us a bit more about Mr. Tayama - he's easily one of the most charismatic and interesting characters in the game :)

Love his voice!

User Info: astrophys

3 years ago#2
Yes, I also loved SMT IV.

As for Tayama…. if you loved his voice, you might be interested in looking up other works done by his actor.

Assuming that you played the English dubbed version of the game, his voice actor is Travis Willingham (unless I am mistaken).

Willingham is also well known for the role of Col. Roy Mustang in both Fullmetal Alchemist animes.

User Info: BirdWithDreams

3 years ago#3
Thanks for replying... glad to find someone who share my views :D

Is it normal for me to feel a bit "=/" for P4G after SMT IV... like P4G feels much more drab and slice of life compared to the awesomeness of SMT IV?

User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#4
No, it got boring and III (Nocturne) was much better.
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User Info: nemerz

3 years ago#5
Frankly SMT4 is a mixed bag for me. The music, the setting, the demons etc were great. However I aggressively disliked the map system, a clunkier compendium than in Devil survivor, and the confusion to obtain certain endings; like why would optionnal quests add/diminish points towards a specific ending? Either way it's not a purchase I regret, but I am kinda scared of the turn SMT/Persona series are taking with DLC. I didn't expect it from Atlus, especially unsubstantial stuff like costumes or one demon. I guess it's the norm for everyone these days...

User Info: BirdWithDreams

3 years ago#6
Now please do not interpret this as starting a flaming war between Persona v SMT ok?

I'm just feeling that after experiencing SMT IV, the fluidity of the UI, the way things click and all, the awesome soundtrack, the character artstyle, etc, that all of them seem much more modern and slick compared to Persona 4 Golden?

This might be due to the fact that P4 is ultimately a 2008 game which started develop in 2006? And that P3 is a 2006 game that started dev sometime in 2004? They are dated? I say this because Persona Q seems to be much more slick and trendy compared to P4G and so on...

User Info: sarevokmb

3 years ago#7
I absolutely loved it, except for how bad the last section of the game was if you go for the best ending. That practically ruined it for me. Before that, it was a solid 9/10 for me.
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User Info: BirdWithDreams

3 years ago#8
I have already completed the game and I'm trying to make sense of the plot so I can fully enjoy my next playthrough and here's what I gathered:

Am I slightly correct?

1) Fujiwara and Skins are all post-CDF members with the former being it's president/leader; Skins is like Isabeau (neutral)

Question Then where is the Law and Chaos representations in the current Tokyo? Skins = Neutral. ? = Chaos ? = Law

2) Kiyoharu is the Law hero in Blasted Tokyo. Where are the Law and Neutral heroes in Blasted Tokyo? In other words, where is "Skins?", where is "Kenji?"?

3) Kenji is the Chaos hero in Infernal Tokyo. Same question, where are the Neutral and Law heroes? Where are is the "Skin"? and where is the "Kiyoharu?"

My point is, everyone single person, Fujiwara, Skins, Kiyoharu, Kenji, Akira/Aquila, and "Flynn" existed in EVERY SINGLE scenario and timeline... right?

User Info: Albinosquid

3 years ago#9
I only played through one route (Jonathan's) and that was enough for me. I enjoyed it enough, but I had little interest to play again.
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User Info: GeekyDad

3 years ago#10
Did I truly enjoy it? Let's put it this way: I did six playthroughs in a row (including all alignment paths and the nihilist path) before taking a break. And when I was done, all games paled in comparison.

To me, it's still the best game on 3DS.
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