Is Kirby Triple Deluxe as good as Super Star?

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  3. Is Kirby Triple Deluxe as good as Super Star?

User Info: srzg

3 years ago#1
I really enjoyed all the extra modes in Super Star like the Cave and Milky Way Wishes

I'm wondering whether to get Triple Deluxe or not
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User Info: Spade21X

3 years ago#2
Super Star Ultra > Triple Deluxe
...but TD is still an amazing game.
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User Info: powerclaw1

3 years ago#3
The story mode is the only big, story-driven mode, and Kirby Fighters is a blast (even in single-player), and it has tighter controls. Triple Deluxe has tons of collectables to get, but doesn't have as many extra modes or sub-games as Super Star. It depends on what you want in a Kirby game.
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User Info: MineralPlusBox

3 years ago#4
I don't know about super star but Triple Deluxe is GREAT !
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User Info: wentzelot

3 years ago#5
i liked triple deluxe more but superstar was better for its time

User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#6
Anywhere you ask people will automatically fanboy over SS. You should probably compare it to a different Kirby next time.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#7
Super Star's games are really short. Some of them last like 20 minutes.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#8
Super Star does have awesome sprite work though so there is that but Triple Deluxe is a beautiful game too.
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  3. Is Kirby Triple Deluxe as good as Super Star?

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