Thanks for letting us down nintendo

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User Info: Webby-sama

3 years ago#11
I know I buy games for the Club Nintendo pins.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#13
Pitysex posted...
Krambo42 posted...
xellos667 posted...
Krambo42 posted...
I can't believe all of these Nintendo fans are getting this upset over free Nintendo games. Aren't games why we're here in the first place?

I mean, I guess I understand that people like getting exclusive prizes, and that some people may already own every single one of these games...but man, I don't know...I'm always happy to take free games.

Indeed, it's a problem when you can't redeem any of those codes because you already own all of them. If they want to go that route, fine, but also add one of those two things:

1.A choice to get redeem code for actual $$$ on the eShop. That way, it will be useful in the future for someone like me who already have everything.

2. An exclusive eShop game that you can only get that way, like they did in Japan one time.

If you only give a small list of selected titles, chances are, you'll have people who won't be able to take any reward indeed.

Sure. I truly do feel bad for people who have every game. But for everybody else...come on. Even if you have very little interest in one of these games, take it for free! Maybe you'll like it. And even if you don't, at least you tried it.

nice keep defending nintendo you stupid fanboy

What a nice person you are. l hope the mods have some sense and kick you to the curb, but they don't, so they won't.

User Info: GloryChaos

3 years ago#14
Pitysex posted...

yeah looks like you are one of the people that think nintendo can do no wrong

Yeah man, I was really looking forward to this year's calender / soundtrack that can be downloaded off the internet.
Brawl FC - 1332 8069 6690

User Info: Linktopower

3 years ago#15
DeathSoul2000 posted...
l think your name tells us all we need to know about you.
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