Is Club Nintendo down for everybody?

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User Info: SillySquad

3 years ago#1

User Info: Webby-sama

3 years ago#2
Going to be a bumpy ride for at least today. Everyone is rushing to get their ELITE reward.

No need to hurry though, you get a full month to redeem.

User Info: nmnm100

3 years ago#3
is for me...
Kinda sad because I googled the rewards, and I'm kinda disappointed really =\
I didn't make platinum last year, and MM is my favorite Zelda game, and I was hoping something just as cool was going to be this years prize.... oh well, looks like I'm getting DKCR3D
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User Info: Chanzeer

3 years ago#4
club nintendo has been working off and on, if you get an error try refreshing

User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

3 years ago#5
they should shut it down permanently after this years disgrace.
Wind Waker >>> Ocarina of Time. People who agree: 511
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