Going Nintendo but should I go 2DS or should I go XL

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User Info: dragondrive33

3 years ago#1
If I go 2DS I can save more Money allowing me to get more games, however if I go XL I would just be able to get 1 or 2 games compared to getting 3 to 4 games if I go 2DS cause of if being about 50 to 60 dollars cheaper. Even more so if you go Refurbished.

However if Go XL, I will have a better console & also bigger console & also being better both in Screen & in Batter Life.

I suppose I could go XL getting a Refurbished XL could also save me more money considering I will have about 300 dollars or so. I was going Wii U, but decided against it since the only game I want is Bayonetta 2.

All my other games do not have a date & have no dates meaning more delays, being Star Fox to Zelda or X Chronicles.

So I decided on going 3DS is the better option considering I can play Smash Bros on it, also I can get other games from Fantasy Like to Persona Q, or others I haven't played such as Bravely Default.

Has me worried no 3DS games are Listed in 2015, could be that Nintendo has yet to reveal them.

My Hopes

Dragon Quest 7 Remake
Metroid Prime 3DS
Star Fox 3DS
F-Zero 3DS
Skies of Arcadia 3DS
Tales of Game for 3DS
Mario RPG being like Mario & 7 Stars back on the SNES or a Successor to it.

Metroid Pirme would need to be a Side Scroller or something along those lines to make the fit to Portable.

Star Fox I would make it into an Assault Adventure game being both in Space & on Ground.

Zelda 3DS I would like to be a Brand new game not a REMAKE.

User Info: Portalnero

3 years ago#2
Best Buy. Mario and Luigi 3DS XL for 169.99.

Buy one get one free.
Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds
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User Info: dragondrive33

3 years ago#3
Port I am in the US, also There is no Best Buys around me, so I could order them Online if they Have them.

I been digging & I found a Refurbished 3DS XL being a Blue One.

User Info: bassyura

3 years ago#4
XL is overall the superior version, but if you're not willing to spend the xtra dough, a 2DS is fine too.

You will miss out on the stereoscopic 3D. Sans Pokemon, 1st party titles look great in 3D. Everything else is hit and miss.

You might also want a 2DS for Smash as, from what I hear, 2DS makes for a better controller.
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User Info: x_stevey_x

3 years ago#5
2ds master race

User Info: irulethegalaxy

3 years ago#6
There's already a Tales of game for 3DS, but it's a port. The DS got some Tales of support, but not much actually made it over to these shores. Namco doesn't seem to want to really let their handheld Tales games out of Japan. When they have, it's been on Sony consoles (the PSP had a few).

Skies of Arcadia...While that would be awesome, I highly doubt it will ever happen. It's a one-off game and not 1st party Nintendo. I don't even know who owns the rights to that game. It's been 11 years since the GC release and I've not heard word one about a sequel or reboot. Sadly, I think we must accept this as the dead not-even-a-franchise-because-there-was-really-only-one-game that it is.
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User Info: Death_Born

3 years ago#7
If you don't care about the smaller screen or the kiddie look to it, then go 2DS. However you might regret it later seeing as you will hopefully have the console for many years. There will always be cash to buy games, but replacing a console is more expensive.

User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#8
XL is the best.
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User Info: ALinkAlone

3 years ago#9
The 2DS has no protective clamshell, is less portable, doesn't have the 3D ability, has worse battery life and the speaker is mono.

I would not recommend it at all over a 3DS XL unless you absolutely need the wedge design or can't afford the more expensive 3DS options.
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User Info: Epic_McDude

3 years ago#10
In my topic asking a similar question, most votes have gone to the 3DS XL:

You can also check for advice in there as well.

If I were you, I'd do what I'm doing, which is getting a 2DS to be able to buy more games for it and buy the 3DS XL at a later date in like a year or two.

But since budget doesn't seem to be much of an issue for you, I think you should go with the 3DS XL. I am sure you can put up with having only two games first as you can always buy more and build up your library later.

I get my 2DS next month and in advance, I took advantage of Best Buy's "Buy One, Get One Free" deal and scored two sweet games for it. Sucks that you missed out on it.
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